Why you should have live chat support for your Agency?


The number one reason for the global success of live chat support is that the customers need some guidance but don’t really want to talk on cell phones. Some people naturally have anxiety issues when it comes to conversing on live calls.

Another reason is that these calls usually take a lot longer to conclude. The customer calls and ends up feeling exhausted especially when the support team doesn’t fix his problem instead, put him on hold for an exceedingly longer amount of time. It can be frustrating. By the time someone comes up with a solution the customer has already decided to consult another agency.

What are the benefits of live chat service for your Agency?

Live chat has become increasingly commercial. It is generating millions of dollars in profit every year. In fact, 44% of the respondents claimed that live chat services during an online purchase is one the best features any website can offer, according to Forrester. There are a few additional advantages of embracing live chat services for your agency and here is why you should have this increasingly growing constituent on your online website:

1. Boost Sales

Almost half of the customers are likely to return to the website if it uses live chat support. 29% of the total customers would end up purchasing your products only for the fact that your website offers live chat, even if they never use it. Since approximately half of all the customers would return to your website after their first experience, they are also likely to recommend your company to other people. This would eventually lead your brand in the top tier. There is another element that is usually considered when the customer is making a purchase:

2. Customers’ Comfort is a priority

A customer would only return if he feels cherished. One of the many advantages of live chat is that it allows the client to multitask. 1/5th of the customers feel satisfied after using live chat support because it allowed them to engage in other activities while making a purchase. Also, half of the customers would pick live chat over call in the matter of comfort. Of course, the fact that some complex issues require explaining on phone calls can’t be dismissed, but unless that is the case, live chat would be preferred over live call.

3. Increase in Conversion Rate

Some agencies have managed to increase their conversion rate up to 250%. E-Digital Research suggests that a live chat of average six messages increases the conversion rate to 250%. On the other hand, one message makes it 50% and a conversation between two messages take it to 100%.

Like mentioned earlier, some customers would be happy just to see live chat support on your website. The reason behind is simple. Millennial have become used to mobile texting over calling. It has become a means to truly express oneself. So, instead of calling, they favor texting and live chat is similar to mobile texting. The customers feel more related and hence their satisfaction allows the conversion rate to go higher.

4. Live Chat is less time consuming

Not so long ago, the customers were in a situation where they would have to wait hours for that one reply which might convince them to buy an item from a certain company. But now live chat offers an alternative.

We live in fast times.it is estimated that approximately 53% of the customers would move on to another agency if their problems are not given a quick solution. And almost 80% say that they like live chat support because: a) it is easy to use & b) they don’t have to wait for excessively long periods of time.

While one minute is the general time a customer waits to get a response from the live chat, the return rate is less than around 25 seconds.

5. It is Cost Effective

Live chat started to become popular during the end of the last decade. It is more cost effective and customer friendly. Cost effective in terms that it is 400% less expensive than a live call. While some companies use their own equipment, there are also companies who hire services from live chat service agencies. That way, they cut the cost of the equipment and staff training as well. Not only that but the respondents feel 450% more satisfied with live chat over the other means of contact such as emails, video calls, and live calls. And these are precisely the reasons why it has become so popular in recent years. This is why you should outsource live chat service for your agency.

Effective Ways of Evaluating the Success of Social Media Marketing

When you dedicate your social media platforms, you invest a lot of time, money and effort in this exercise. Sometimes the strategy works when you employ the best strategies and set effective goals. But how will you tell the progress? In this post we walk through the effective way of evaluating the success of social media marketing.

  1. Track important metrics

Metrics like likes, comments and retweets are easy to track but it is not easy to know their real effectiveness. To know the value generated, focus on targets set like web referrals, leads generated, and the conversion rate. Use different goals you had set earlier to track the effectiveness of different channels so when setting the goals before starting the social media marketing campaign, ensure that you align your goals with the overall marketing strategy. Develop your social media marketing plan by setting at least three S.M.A.R.T goals for your social media.

  1. Learn about your audience

Knowing who your ideal audience is and the kind of information they want to see on social media is essential to creating content that will entice them to comment on, like and share. This is crucial if you want to convert your followers to customers and prospects of your business. Treat your clients well knowing that they are real people who have real needs. Think well about what to offer your audience.

  1. Collect real data

Don’t go with assumptions but go with real data concerning social media. If you think that Facebook is the best social media since it has many users, you will realize that real statistics show that Instagram is the best if you want a platform that has the highest number of users.

Social media analytics experts like Los Angeles Social Media Agency have a ton of data and general information about who your audience is, their language, and how they connect and interact with you. With this information you can refine your strategies and social ads to better suit your followers.

The process of buying organic Instagram followers

Buying organic Instagram followers is not an expensive method to get followers as you might think. This is even as the method is among the most effective than most which you might not have been employing all this time. The process is as easy as explained below.

The first step is to purchase organic Instagram followers package that you think is what you need at the moment. These come in different packages and are priced differently, so your budget decides what you can afford.

Thereafter, you need to follow up a set of instructions such as adding your Instagram page URL. The steps are not that massive and are easy to follow; they are not that time-consuming. The next step is to set your account on public instead of private; this is rather obvious as you want to reach the public and actually sell.

You then make the payments through the channels offered, which include PayPal or even cryptocurrency. Thereafter you get a manager to guide you through the whole process. You also get an email that you can reply to whenever you have a question or just need clarification. After less than two days you get the package you ordered and the followers start flowing in. the final step is receiving a completion mail from your reliable service providers. You can then begin converting those followers to actual buyers of your products and services; hence earning from your effort.

When you decide to employ this method to make your Instagram account popular, you will need to go to https://buyrealsocial.com and follow the procedure and wait for the results. You are guaranteed success in just a matter of days. Thereafter you will be able to enjoy a greater following as well as a high rate of conversion to new buyers for your products and services.

Different Cooking Techniques and Styles

It is important to learn how to prepare various styles of meals using different techniques. You can decide to cook as a hobby or professionally but whichever the reason, understand the cooking styles is crucial. You can learn all the cooking styles from HNAAU. This article has discussed some of the cooking styles that you can use to prepare amazing dishes for self or family.


This method of cooking makes use of heat to caramelize the surface of the food being prepared. It is mostly used on meat. You should note that this method is slow when cooking large pieces of meat but very effective in preparing mouthwatering meat. You should make sure that you evenly rotate the meat when preparing it so that it can cook properly.


Frying can be done in different ways. One can opt to deep fry, stir fry, sautéing or do shallow frying. When stir-frying or sautéing, the amount of oil used is relatively low compared to deep frying. However, higher temperatures are used to stir fry. You should be very alert when stirring frying so that the food does not stick onto the pan. In shallow frying, the food is shallowly immersed into some oil while in deep frying the food is completely immersed in oil.


Baking is commonly used for cake baking and other meals that use the dough. In this method, dry heat is used to produce an end product.


Smoking is commonly used to prepare meat. Meat is left in a space filled with smoke and heat to cook. Most people burn wood to create smoke. The temperatures are usually low and the process takes relatively a long time.


This method involves the use of fluids such as milk and water to cook foods. This method of cooking is suitable for cooking those foods that shelled such as eggs. You should not use it to prepare delicate foods such as fish.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying briefcases for Men

There are a number of factors that distinguish the different types of bags used by men. The bags are usually classy and practical. You should be very keen when choosing leather briefcases for men, so that you get the best in the market. This article will discuss some of the factors you should consider when selecting shopping for a briefcase.


This factor is crucial when selecting your briefcase. Your reasons for needing the bag should guide you in buying the bag. You should choose a duffle bag if you intend to use your bag for traveling purposes. For day to day activities, a briefcase will come in quite handy for the occasion. Official duties require you to have classy and simple bags. Your choice of a bag should be versatile enough to match with your wear.


Your bags color will also matter a lot. You should choose a dull colored bag if you work or intend to use the bag in an environment that has a lot of dirt, like in a construction site.


The material used to make your bag matters a lot. It is advisable to choose a leather bag if you intend to use your bag on a daily basis. Leather bags are known to be very strong and even waterproof. Leather bags are also easy to use and clean.

Size of the bag

How big or small your bag should be is determined by the size of luggage you intend to carry in it. You should buy a big bag if you want to pack many items and bulky one. For small items such as business cards and personal cards, a pouch or wallet will be more appropriate.


It is important to buy a bag that you can afford. Do not stretch your budget trying to get that classy leather bag so that you can impress people. Get yourself an affordable bag that can carry your items conveniently.

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