Understands Metrics That May Reflect The Performance Of Your Small Business Website’s Internet Marketing Effort

Small business owners locally in Hong Kong are usually overwhelmed working on overall business strategy or implementing other operations that are considered as more urgent Issues. But when they start using their company website as the storefront and various internet marketing channels to get new businesses or potential customers, it would eventually become essential for them to understand how to effectively read the data in the various digital marketing reports. From time to time there may be some metrics in the reports that seem confusing in the data reports.

Dwell time

What is dwell time? Dwell time refers to the time measured between when a user clicks on a link on Google’s organic search result, and when the user returns to the results.

Why is dwell time important for your Hong Kong local website’s SEO? It was not important until the recent years. Nowsdays, Google adds user experience to the mix in its algorithms when determining a web page’s organic ranking on the search results pages. Google uses dwell time as a metric which is now a measurement used by Google to determine user experience. The data collect by Google will influence the search results ranking of your site.

Bounce rate

What is bounce rate? When you have installed Google Analytics (i.e. a free web analytics tool provided by Google) on you HK company website, and when you login to your GA account to regular view the data reports, you may often see bounce rate being a metric.

Bounce rate measures the number of visitors who did not visit more than one page on your website before totally leaving your site. The metric is reported as a percentage. Under any normal circumstances, the lower the bounce rate, the better the user experience your site has.

Time on page

What is time on page? Obviously, the metric measures the average amount of time a user spends on a particular page on your business site?

The assumption is that time on page could well be a metric that is used by Google as one of the many ranking signals for your Hong Kong business site. It may be assumed that the longer a user stays on your pages and site, the site is considered to have better user experience.


With the help or consultation from a SEO company or an integrated marketing agency who focuses on creating digital marketing strategies and implementing such strategies for the Hong Kong local market, you will be able to prepare and set up your business website for all the required internet marketing methods and channels ahead. When you are able to work closely with your SEO or integrated consultant, it will enable your small business to reach more target audience over time and grow in sales revenue.