Repair Vs. Replacement of Machine Parts

Machinery parts such as มอเตอร์ เกียร์ dc are prone to damages when in use, and once that happens, you either carry out the repair or replace the entire component. However, deciding whether to repair or replace can be challenging for you. That is why this article has provided you with factors that will help you determine if you should repair or replace the damaged component.

  1. Efficiency

The efficiency of your machine is important when determining whether to repair or replace it entirely. If doing a simple repair can maintain the machine’s efficiency at its normal level, then it would be okay to do the repair. However, if doing a total replacement would enhance efficiency, then go for it.

  1. Downtime

You should consider what impact repair has on the productivity of your firm. If it takes more than a day to repair and the breakdown occurs severally, the best option would be to have the component replaced with a new one.

However, it is important to note that repair can, at times, take a shorter time compared to having a new one, in which case it becomes the best option. This can be the case when there are not enough funds to immediately buy a new component that’s required for the machinery.

  1. Costs

It is important to consider the costs incurred in both situations. However, you should think long term, between repairing and replacing, which option will cost you less in the long run? Once you have the answer to this question, you can go ahead and go for the cheaper option.

  1. Age of equipment

As industrial equipment ages, so does its need to get more and more extensive repairs. You will realize that this leads to more costs in repair, in the long run. If your equipment is old, the best option will be to replace it entirely with a new one. New products are improved technologically, which makes them more efficient for productivity.