Effective Ways of Evaluating the Success of Social Media Marketing

When you dedicate your social media platforms, you invest a lot of time, money and effort in this exercise. Sometimes the strategy works when you employ the best strategies and set effective goals. But how will you tell the progress? In this post we walk through the effective way of evaluating the success of social media marketing.

  1. Track important metrics

Metrics like likes, comments and retweets are easy to track but it is not easy to know their real effectiveness. To know the value generated, focus on targets set like web referrals, leads generated, and the conversion rate. Use different goals you had set earlier to track the effectiveness of different channels so when setting the goals before starting the social media marketing campaign, ensure that you align your goals with the overall marketing strategy. Develop your social media marketing plan by setting at least three S.M.A.R.T goals for your social media.

  1. Learn about your audience

Knowing who your ideal audience is and the kind of information they want to see on social media is essential to creating content that will entice them to comment on, like and share. This is crucial if you want to convert your followers to customers and prospects of your business. Treat your clients well knowing that they are real people who have real needs. Think well about what to offer your audience.

  1. Collect real data

Don’t go with assumptions but go with real data concerning social media. If you think that Facebook is the best social media since it has many users, you will realize that real statistics show that Instagram is the best if you want a platform that has the highest number of users.

Social media analytics experts like Los Angeles Social Media Agency have a ton of data and general information about who your audience is, their language, and how they connect and interact with you. With this information you can refine your strategies and social ads to better suit your followers.