Interesting virtual data room features and how to put them into use

Users of virtual data rooms can attest that these rooms have captured the market due to their safe and convenient file exchange. The virtual data rooms allow users to give access of information to specific people and also allow them to host a number of projects. This article highlights some of the features of virtual data room providers and how they work.

Email In

This a common application in smartphones and computer that allows you to be easily accessed at any given time. Virtual data rooms also have this feature which allows its users to upload files into this space without having to log in into the room. This will help in saving time and reducing the hassle of logging into the platform.

View As

Initiating processes that involve auditing of files or documents can be quite tricky if you can’t be able to open them on a certain landscape. The `view as’ feature allows the administrator to view the virtual data room permissions easily. The main role of this feature is to reduce the burden associated with ensuring that all precautions are followed when dealing with confidential files.

This feature also shows the main user how and when access to information was granted to a specific group reducing the chances of having sensitive information ending up with the wrong person. This feature allows one to fix any errors on data presented.

Questions and Answers

The success of any project is totally dependent on teamwork. This feature gives people the chance to seek clarification on any matter that’s not well understood. This helps to ensure that all users are on the same page.

This tool builds confidence in people knowing that their concerns will be appropriately addressed.


This feature is a security measure used on documents that are shared through the data room. It reduces the chances of a document being hacked.