Different Cooking Techniques and Styles

It is important to learn how to prepare various styles of meals using different techniques. You can decide to cook as a hobby or professionally but whichever the reason, understand the cooking styles is crucial. You can learn all the cooking styles from HNAAU. This article has discussed some of the cooking styles that you can use to prepare amazing dishes for self or family.


This method of cooking makes use of heat to caramelize the surface of the food being prepared. It is mostly used on meat. You should note that this method is slow when cooking large pieces of meat but very effective in preparing mouthwatering meat. You should make sure that you evenly rotate the meat when preparing it so that it can cook properly.


Frying can be done in different ways. One can opt to deep fry, stir fry, sautéing or do shallow frying. When stir-frying or sautéing, the amount of oil used is relatively low compared to deep frying. However, higher temperatures are used to stir fry. You should be very alert when stirring frying so that the food does not stick onto the pan. In shallow frying, the food is shallowly immersed into some oil while in deep frying the food is completely immersed in oil.


Baking is commonly used for cake baking and other meals that use the dough. In this method, dry heat is used to produce an end product.


Smoking is commonly used to prepare meat. Meat is left in a space filled with smoke and heat to cook. Most people burn wood to create smoke. The temperatures are usually low and the process takes relatively a long time.


This method involves the use of fluids such as milk and water to cook foods. This method of cooking is suitable for cooking those foods that shelled such as eggs. You should not use it to prepare delicate foods such as fish.