What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is an app developed to help you monitoring or supervising another person in another device. Spyzie has committed to contribute to cyber safety followed by the reliable features. Spyzie has a global vision to deal with the most threat and cyber crimes due to internet presence. Spyzie offers a wide range of monitoring and blocking options.

Even though Spyzie is a universal monitoring app, it becomes a well-known as reliable parental control software. Spyzie allows parents to protect their kids online. As their kids surfing or playing on the internet, they’re exposed to online risks including sexting, phishing, unauthorized location tracking, cyberbullying, and being targets of online predators. Most parents would upgrade to Spyzie premium app to control monitor and control their kids’ online activities through a dashboard. If you want to get Spyzie premium, please use this Spyzie discount code to save some your money.

Spyzie is available for Android and iOS with fair features for both operating systems. These are the features:

  • App Blocking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Schedule Restriction
  • Call and SMS Monitoring and Blocking
  • Device Contents/Media Files Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Kik, Line, and Wechat)

How Does Spyzie Works?

Spyzie is a user-friendly app for monitoring people. It offers a free trial with limited features after you’ve purchased premium Spyzie app, you get an account to unlock all the features including monitoring and blocking. You can perform all the functions from your dashboard.

You’ll need to set up both your device and the targeted devices. The setup procedure is applied differently for Android and iOS. At this point, you need to get the credentials and physical access to the targeted devices and choose the OS of the target device on the setup. As the setups are completed, you can log-in to your dashboard or control panel and wait for minutes as the Spyzie synchronizing all the information of the targeted devices. Once it’s fully synchronized, you’re able to monitoring and controlling those targeted devices.