Get Managed WordPress With Free Jetpack: MilesWeb

WordPress has become a very popular content management system over the past few years. It is a robust and reliable CMS for developing any website. According to the W3techs, 30% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. It has become the number one choice of developers because of its flexibility and reliability.

The plus point of using WordPress is that it is very flexible in terms of plugins and themes. You can add any feature you want with the help of a plugin. Jetpack is one such plugin of WordPress powered by Automatic. It is the blend of a variety of plugins into a single one. The features that you really want to use on your website can only be operated while you can turn off the features that aren’t required. Jetpack can be called as the container of plugins than just a plugin and that’s what makes it stand out from other plugins. With the help of this plugin, you can manage the appearance of your website, security, performance, optimize the image, traffic growth, etc.

Jetpack plugin is giant in terms of features and most of the features are free of cost. While some advanced features such as scanning, backup, marketing tool etc are present with the Premium and Professional pack.

Sounds great.. isn’t it? Now imagine all these features free of cost!

Yes! You heard that right, the Jetpack features are absolutely free with your web hosting when you choose MilesWeb as your WordPress hosting provider.

Let’s have a detailed overview about MilesWeb, its features, its pricing and its Jetpack features included with their cheap wordpress hosting India plans.

About MilesWeb

The venture was started by a group of three members back in 2012. All of them belonging to the technical background and carrying vast experience in the web hosting industry. With the growing market, they found the need for coming up with a reliable and cheap web hosting solution and that’s how MilesWeb came into existence. Although they have begun in 2012, on today’s date it is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the market in India.

They have a variety of web hosting solutions to meet the needs of each and every website. Right from shared hosting to cloud hosting, they’ve got it all! Their services include: shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS server, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, business hosting and cloud hosting.

WordPress Features


  • SSD server


MilesWeb server is integrated with high performing SSD servers which provide blazing fast speed to your web pages. They use flash technology to store data on the drives resulting in webpage loading speed much faster. This helps in delivering 2x better performance for your WordPress website.


  • Jetpack


As mentioned earlier, Jetpack features are included with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans. There are no additional charges to avail these features of Jetpack. The free, premium and professional features are included with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans.


  • CDN


MilesWeb CDN service utilizes the gzip compression technology to scale down the size of the data. Hence, reducing your bandwidth cost, providing high-availability and quick page loads. The CDN helps to increase the reach and performance of your site and makes your visitor’s experience a better one.


  • GZIP/Brotli Compression


Your WordPress hosting plans at MilesWeb comprises of gzip compression to enhance the delivery time of your website. Your WordPress website speed is drastically improved as this compression technology reduces the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser.


  • Cloudflare Railgun


The Cloudflare provides Railgun technology to optimize a wide area network (WAN) which accelerates non-cached pages performance. A Railgun makes sure that the speed of the connection between Cloudflare CDN and web hosting server is as rapid as possible.



  • SSL certificate


An SSL certificate is by default included with their WordPress hosting plan. An SSL certificate is an important factor to consider these days. HTTPS/ HTTP sign signifies your visitor whether your site is safe or not. When an SSL is installed, all the data that is exchanged on your website remains safe.         Not only this, but an SSL also supports in improving the SEO of your website.

Pricing- WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb WordPress hosting has separate plans for WordPress with Jetpack free version, Jetpack Premium version and Jetpack Professional version.

Plans with Jetpack Free version- Ace, Heart, Spade, Diamond

Plans with Jetpack Premium version- Jack and Queen

Plans with Jetpack Professional version- King

All the above plans have different server locations to choose from. You can decide your server location based on your target audience. The available server locations for MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans are US, India and UK.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, MilesWeb is one of the best WordPress hosting providers on today’s date. They have implemented all the latest technologies for their WordPress hosting plans. Their highest priority is to deliver top-notch hosting service at affordable prices and exquisite technical support.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable web hosting solution with free Jetpack features then MilesWeb is for you.