Democracy, Electronic Voting, Accuracy and Reliability are Now Possible for Any Democratic Event, or Almost!

Recently, we’ve heard a lot about democracy being threatened by voting frauds due to technology. However, it’s crazy to think that with all the technology that we know, we have to go vote in person.

With some areas where traffic jams are enormous and in a context where some voting offices are far away and people don’t have a car, this is pure madness.

Concerning the electronic voting process, some people say that we have to authenticate that we are the person that is voting and we have to prove that we are doing it safely and with our own will so that we can really vote with our true convictions. Others say that the results need to be accurate and safe from hackers.

All those points are very important and valid or else the process is a mascaraed instead of a democratic process!

So are we doomed to use antique processes because democracy was invented in Antique Greece?

What if a single company in the world could fix all of those points with a done for you service? Would you like to use it for general annual meetings with shareholders or members or your association? Would this service improve the efficiency of those events?

With Feeback Interactif vote électronique, traduction et événementiel, you could have a set up where people can vote directly at the event or from abroad using their new innovative and safe technology. This way, business and professional democracy can arrive at the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

With smaller and smaller participation ratios that also threaten democracy, maybe even some day, national government democracy will adopt this useful technology. It could be a way to fix this participation problem.