Get Instagram Followers in 2018 with Instagram Stories

Since they launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories have been a huge hit for the social site and if you want to get real Instagram followers, you’ll want to take advantage of them too. Stories can take personal interaction with your audience up a notch, providing them with a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at your company, how you do what you do, and more. Instagram Stories make it possible for businesses to engage with their clients and prospects using a more comprehensive message than a single image can offer.

The following tips will help you get Instagram followers in 2018 with Instagram Stories.

Showcase the Faces Behind Your Brand

While Instagram already makes it possible to showcase the faces behind your brand, with Instagram Stories, you won’t need to worry about messing around with your curated profile. Even though Instagram Stories are temporary, their effect on your brand in general isn’t. Refined stories that present a real, yet tactfully created look at your brand are key to humanizing it for potential sales leads and existing clients. Consider interviewing people from different departments. For instance, if you’re releasing a new product, interview employees that played a part in the build. This can help you get targeted Instagram followers by getting your target audience pumped up about the launch.

Using Story Highlights to get More Instagram Followers

Instagram’s release of “Highlights”, a new Stories feature, was well accepted by users who leverage it to increase, user engagement and web traffic, important benefits that help them get Instagram followers. Another great way for brands to use Instagram Story Highlights is to gather important targeting information. A good example would be to add poll stickers and pin them to your Story Highlights, a practice that helps generate more responses. In addition, when you have a Story that really performs, pin it to your profile as a highlight.

Add Links to Your Stories

Another way to get Instagram followers is to create multiple links in your Instagram profile to lead generating pages. You can do this by creating highlights out of your Stories that include links. If you have links in your stories, generate highlights of your story sections that link out to important pages like your most recent blog post, newsletter, another social media profile page or other lead generating page that you want to send our target audience to.

Time-Sensitive Content

If you have something that you want your target audience to see right away (new product release, a giveaway, a sale that’s expiring, grand opening, etc.), put it in your highlights to increase views.

Gif Stickers with Giphy

Instagram now makes it possible for members to use background-less GIFs procured from Giphy onto their Instagram Stories. You can search through thousands of overlay optimized GIFS or look at what’s trending on Giphy. In addition, Instagram is also planning to start allowing uploads of landscape or square videos and photos to Stories beyond its current default portrait positioning. This means that instead of needing to zoom in or cut off the edges, Instagram will fill in the edges using a custom, frosted glass-style color gradient centered on the colors of your image.

If you haven’t done it already, but want to grow Instagram followers, 2018 is the year to integrate Instagram Stories and Highlights into your marketing strategy.