How To Organize Music Festival?

We all enjoy multi-day events especially when notable names in the world of music come to help us cope with the reality. However, making a festival event in the city requires a thorough knowledge of local music scene as well as booking procedures. The first thing that is booking agents state as a rule is that nothing is impossible.

If you want to organize a festival, you have to conduct thorough planning, researching and learning. At the same time, you will need a team that will share responsibilities with you, because one man cannot do everything.

It starts with booking audiovisual equipment such as a known AV company in Houston, finding the lineup, venue and other behind the scenes things that you have to consider to have a quality event.


  • Why You’re Organizing Festival In The First Place?


This is the most important question that you have to answer because no one is making festival just for the sake of it. The most successful festivals come with a certain purpose. Some of them promote the city, specific culture, some holiday or you can add social purposes of making it more professional and organized.

For example, Woodstock festival, which was one of the greatest festivals, had the social purpose in showing the Establishment that there are people who are against the war. That was the primary reasons, while music was just a medium that will provide people a good time during the fight for the cause.

You can also pass away the protest reasons and do it for the sake of the city you’re in, to celebrate some anniversary, holiday or to raise awareness to a certain problem that happens around you. What is your reason?


  • Lineup


When you find the mission of your festival, the lineup will come easily. You have to set a goal on how many acts you want to include on the festival and to start to plan on how the program will go based on the interest of people in your area.

The first thing that you should do is to book headliners as soon as possible because when you confirm them, you will be able to gather local and small acts and to create backup acts in case some of them cancel the gig.

You have to consider the cost of each band and to include it in the overall budget you have for the festivals. In case that you want to make a free event, you should find sponsorships that could help you create a budget. Take donations from people, and you can also charge the tickets to cope with the losses.

At the same time, you have to figure out how much you will charge based on estimated attendance and lineup that will appear as headliners. At the same time, don’t book more acts than you can afford and have in mind that your name is on the line, which is important for the future events.


  • Add Vendors, DJs, and Additions


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, festivals are not like concerts where the main idea is to go there to listen to the music. The acts and lineup have the secondary importance, while the cause has to be transparent.

You can book live acts that will appeal to most people, but you can also add additional elements to spice the things a bit and to define the identity of the festival. That is why you can create additional stages where you can put poets, performance artists, installations, some food, stage designs and lightning combination.

Everything depends on your booking capabilities and budget that you have, but the great thing to increase revenue is to rent a space for people who would sell food or souvenirs with the festival brand as the promotional material. This will increase the variety of crowd, and create a fan following.

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You should have in mind that making a festival is a simple process if you want to do it once, but if you want to make each year event that will get the separate life from yourself as the organization; you have to make sure that you do everything perfectly.

The idea is to make a festival that will become the main part of your localities, to increase tourism and to make people happy and satisfied. It is not easy, but it is worth it.