The Importance of Email List Hygiene for Email Marketers

Email List Hygiene is typically not being on the top of the list of issues email marketers worry about. This realization is surprising considering how important deliverability is for them. Majority of email marketers focus heavily on the quality of their content and their campaign delivery. However, not all of them pay attention to other factors that may potentially affect deliverability rates.

Yes, list hygiene and spam trap are two factors many email marketers must be wary about. They may have premium quality content and incredibly attractive offer, but ultimately these factors may bring their marketing efforts down. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, here we will discuss the best practices to ensure list hygiene.

Double opt-in vs single opt-in approach

The usual standard of list building practices are still as effective as ever. Applying these list building practices will still yield the same result. However, industry experts have found more effective approaches to get better results. While at the same time prevent risks of spam trap and hard bounces. One of the best way to do this is, undoubtedly, by switching from single opt-in to double opt-in approach.

In single opt-in approach, visitors are instantly subscribed after clicking on a link provied on the website. While this bring more potentials in the beginning, this also increases the risk of spam trap and poor listy hygiene. The best way to prevent this issue is by activating double opt-in, where visitors aren’t automatically subscribed. To subscribe, they must click the link on confirmation email.

Many email marketers stay away from this approach largely due to the fact that it brings less opt-in rates. In fact, the number typically reduces by as much as 30-percent. While this may seem like a nightmare, it really is not. If anything it brings you more good then harm. You have bigger chances to engage, and in turn it increases your engagement rate. The recipe to good list hygiene, and growth.

Removing inactive email subscribers

Getting rid of contacts who have never opened your email for the past 6 months is not only necessary, but also important. This general practice is crucial for the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and also to prevent spam trap. A condition where an ISP has gravestoned due to inactivity for so long.

Industry experts advise purging inactive subscribers every 18-months after sending out a final email indicating it as your last email. This is usually effective in retaining genuine subscribers and increasing opening ratio. Not sure how to do it properly? With, you may set up your free account and try out spamtrap removal.