How to optimise your new website

Your brand-new website may look beautiful and may be packed with great content and stunning images, but it might as well not exist if it is not correctly optimised to attract web traffic. It is not sufficient to build it and hope that visitors will just arrive – you need to take proactive steps to optimise your site so that it features highly on the search engine results pages. With this in mind, here are our top tips for optimising your new site.

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Get your homepage message right

According to Forbes, your homepage is the most important part of your site, so spend time ensuring that your core message is easy to understand and relevant.

Test your site across web browsers and operating systems

Your website may display perfectly on your own desktop, notebook or mobile, but never assume that this is the case across all platforms and operating systems. Test your site across as many devices and web browsers as possible to make sure that all visitors can access your site perfectly every time they visit.

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Choose file formats with care

Some image files use up lots of disk space and take time to load in a web browser. Keep visitors happy by compressing image files, and keep them to GIFs and JPEGs for quicker loading times.

Conduct usability tests

Usability tests will highlight any weak areas on your site that could cause visitors to abandon shopping carts mid-purchase or give up before accessing the information they are seeking. Uncovering problem areas of a website is a specialised area; however, you can source a professional London web design company such as web development services by Redsnapper, or indeed any other web development company in your area, to provide this service.

Store inputted information

There are few things as disheartening as entering fields of information only to find that you must input much of that same information on another screen. Store information that visitors input and use it to help them fill in forms on your site, saving them the tedious process of starting again.

Include a search box

Making your visitors trawl through pages of your site in search of the information or products they need will only serve to frustrate them. Include a search box so that your visitors can access the information they require easily.