Technology That Cannot Leave Anyone Indifferent

The technology of keeping the body of a dead child is shocking, and the views of people about it is quite contradictive.

Time to Say Good Bye: Technology to Keep a Baby’s Dead Body

We are going to tell you about the technology that makes some people sad and compassionate, others mad and protesting. This is anelectrical cooling system CuddleCots, which is built-in into the child’s bed. It is offered by doctors and medical workers for the parents, whose child was born dead, or died soon after the birthday.

Usage of the Technology

Parents may lull their dead child, take it for walks, take it home, change its clothing until they are ready to let it go. The period of staying with a child may be extended to 12-18 days, what is quite a lot. The new technology is already used in 92% of health care institutes of the United Kingdom and shocks a lot of people.

Psychologists Say

Earlier medical workers took the dead children from their parents, thinking that they should better not see them. However, the modern psychologists think differently. They claim that the ability to say goodbye to a dead newborn helps to live this terrible loss through. They say that the psychological trauma caused by the death of their child is weakened by an ability to show their love for it at least for a short while. To get an argumentative essay on this ethical-dilemma-technology, you may go here

Parents, Who Suffered the Loss Say

There is nothing inhumane about wanting to say goodbye to a dead child. Parents, who use of this technology, do not play the roles of mother and father with their dead child. They do not live in a world of fantasies, and they realize that the child is not alive any longer. However, the ability to be with the child helps to take the situation as it is. Parents, who suffered the loss, value this priceless time with their child a lot, since they know that they will never see it again.

Attitude of Society

This is where a contradiction comes at most. From one side, people are sympathetic toward the parents, who experience such a loss, and they consider it fair to give them the chance to stay with their child. It is a must for society to support people, who experienced the terrible loss, and be as understanding, as this is possible.

The others are of another opinion and consider using the technology a perversion. They find it weird that parents can walk with a dead child. Moreover, this can influence the psychology of people who meet them.

Since a clear attitude to this technology does not exist, we may say that it is another example of the ethical dilemma. However, you already know, that there is such an invention in the modern world.