New Ecotechnology: Modern Solutions

The issue of litter becomes more actual every year. How does the technology react to it? Read on.

Invention of Ecotechnology: Making Our World a Better Place

The amount of plastic waste that humanity products every year is becoming enormous. They say about the epidemy of plastic bottles. Nearly 700 species of sea fauna are in danger of extinction due to the plastic waste present in areas of their living.

The whole world knows about the great Pacific garbage island, which grows every year. It is a so-called new continent. You may discover more data on this issue here

The size of this island is around 1 million and a half square kilometers. Moreover, 70% of this garbage lies in the bottom of the ocean, so what we see is just a little part. This makes it clear that the solution is needed as soon as possible.

The New Technological Solution: Roots

Now there appeared a way to deal with this issue. In Great Britain, a new technology of water bottling has been introduced. The project is managed by the London firm Ooho. It has attracted investors, so there is a hope that the water in new packages will soon appear in shops.

This is a technology of the liquids without a solid package. It was introduced in 1946 and was called “fermentation.” Now, it is quite fashionable and used by the chiefs of elite restaurants.

The Updates

Based on the mentioned theory, 3 students of the Imperial College of London have invented a simpler technology. In 2014, their invention was given a prestigious Lexus Design Award and the World Technological Award in the category “Ecology.” Later on, boys decided to bring their theory into practice and organized Ooho company.

Drink with the Bottle

The “soft” packaging of water costs much less than the solid one: only 1-2 cents per item. The ingredients of it are the mix of kelp and calcium chloride. Moreover, the recipe of the package is so simple that everyone may reproduce it at their kitchen. The experiment items are already on the market, and they met the interest of customers.

Indeed, it is quite interesting to “eat the water.” The package of the water is eatable! It just has an upper layer that is used for the hygiene purposes and is made of the material, which is in no way harmful to the nature. The form may be different in the look and volume.

Brand New Tastes of Packages

As such packaging is eatable, there is a point to add tastes to it. The manufacturers develop different tastes, so soon you can choose what kind of “soft bottle” you would like to eat.

And, Save the Atmosphere

Finally, there is no need to add gas to the water in such packaging for keeping it fresh for long. Due to the gas in bottled water, 2.5 million of tons of carbon dioxide go into the atmosphere annually.

Not Only for Water

Finally, this invention will work for a wider range of products. Not only water can be packaged this way, but liquors, perfumes, etc. Furthermore, eggs and foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can also be put in a soft package to stay fresh.

However, now it is a challenge to fight the huge world industry of producing plastic packages. Anyway, we are on the right way!