7 Strong Reasons Why a Mobile Application Is Just Necessary for a Business

Nowadays, mobile applications have become much more important for abusiness than it may seem at first glance. For what reason –read in this article.

Business in Tandem with Mobile Applications

Modern technology has long and firmly changed our lives. On the one hand, many things have become more simple and convenient, on the other hand, the world began to change rapidly with the invention of the Internet: new specialties appeared, and some professions, on the contrary, disappeared, new tools appeared for solving everyday tasks. But at the same time, there is still not enough time to perform these tasks. If you have a trouble with your essay, just visit greatpaper.co.uk and find everything you need.

Technology also plays an important role in business. Especially it concerns the promotion of business and different tools that serve it.

15 years ago, companies that offered business owners to create websites did not receive orders because these owners just shrugged their shoulders and said: “Why do we need a website, who needs it, we are selling without it”. Today, business without its own website is unthinkable. And those companies that had taken care of this instrument beforehand took away the lion’s share of customers, while others only sighed disappointedly that they could not get to the top.

After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technology has come. Right now, it is time to create new effective tools that literally broke into our world together with mobile devices. It istime to talk about applications for mobile phones.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you understand, how different functional applications, games, entertainment work. But why does a business need a mobile app? Today we will just talk about this.

1. Sales Increase

The main goal of any business is to make a profit. All marketing tools, in fact, should help in achieving this goal.The mobile app can be a great assistant for a company because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers. You can motivate users to buy goods or services in this company, as well as offer various promotions and discounts with built-in features, for example, loyalty programs and push-notifications.

When people leave the house, they can forget everything except keys, purse and phone. Just imagine: the business gets into all the phones of customers, potential customers and, in fact, remains in their pockets. Companies interact with clients constantly when they use their mobile device. The scale is amazing. No other kind of advertising in the history of humanity offered such an opportunity –to be constantly in the clients’ pocket and interact with them.

2. DifferencefromCompetitors

What do most companies use today to promote their business? Thatis right, leaflets, radio advertisements, SMS-marketing, websites and social networks. If we look at AppStore and GoolgePlay, then we will hardly find a dozen applications for business within a certain city and entire regions. And this means that there is simply no competition in the use of mobile apps.

To get new customers, the company can offer them an interesting bonus for installing the application. This is the new and fresh solution, and no one else applies it. Everyone likes bonuses and discounts. And almost everyone has mobile devices. The app helps launch new interesting marketing actions and thus to differ profitablyfrom competitors and win the trust of customers.

3. Loyalty

How to earn customers’ loyalty? The answer is simple: to be useful and necessary for clients. With the help of loyalty programs, you can share interesting bonuses with customers, which they like so much, and also make sales and encourage repeat sales.

People are already tired of a lot of bonus cards in their wallet and business card, and applications with different loyalty programs, in fact, replace bonus cards, which you can no longer carry with you.

4. Building Customer Confidence Through Push-Notifications

A mobile application with push-notifications is actually a very powerful tool if it is correctly used. We have already talked about the fact that customers like discounts and bonuses, which can be reported using push notifications – messages that come to the smartphone screen from the app.What are benefits of push-notifications?

  • According to statistics, push-notifications are twice as likely to return clients to the application. In push-notifications, you can embed links that lead to landing pages;
  • Getting used to receiving some useful content, customers are beginning to wait for it, which means that the trust to the company increases;
  • The geo-location function is very powerful. Just imagine, the client passes by the restaurant during lunch break, and receives a message that there is a tablejust for him/herin this restaurant;
  • Push notifications can be configured so that they will only come to those users who are in the selected zone. Setting up the sending of the message, it is necessary to allocate a zone around the restaurant, and when people pass by, messages will appear in their smartphones with a proposal to have lunch at the restaurant.

5. Target Audience

Today, everyone who is somehow connected with the promotion of business, talking about the target audience. The trick is that the mobile app accumulates only the target audience around itself.

Let us imagine, clients see the advertisement of the mobile application of the restaurant, they are offered to install it in order to be aware of special offers and actions. Who will install this app? That is right, those customers who like to go to restaurants, are looking for new interesting places and generally like the public catering sector, that is, the target audience. After all, if clients do not like to go to restaurants and are not interested in this topic, no matter how hard you try to motivate them, they will not download and install a restaurant app. If they did this, then you can send them push-notifications and offer options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

6. Marketing Actions

The mobile application can be used as a tool for conducting marketing campaigns to attract users, branding the company, looking for new customers and building trust relationships with them.

People have become more selective in purchases, and competition does not allow business to remain faceless and primitive, otherwise, it simply will not survive.Therefore, to attract customers, you need to develop a strategy for promoting your business with a mobile application.

7. Possibility to Connect the Company’s Website with the Application

The site of the company is able to attract traffic through search engines, but by switching users from the site to the mobile application, the company will continue to work with potential clients further, and they will not be able to leave just by closing the browser page.

That is, when clients visit the company’s website, they can easily leave it and stop interacting with the business, but when the site takes the client to the app, the customer’s work is just beginning. Such a tandem of “website + application” gives a double benefit to the company.

It is important to note that simply having a mobile application does not solve all business problems. Moreover, one cannot thoughtlessly approach the development of such a tool or rely on existing templates. But it can become a powerful marketing tool in skillful hands.