6 Tips for Gaining Twitter Followers

Millions of people log into Twitter every day to find out what’s trending around the world. Whether they’re sharing pertinent news, browsing through headlines, or engaging with their community, Twitter provides a fast and easy way to check out the latest news and relevant content users enjoy reading. Twitter is the perfect social site for businesses who want to expand their brand as well get twitter followers.

Are you new to Twitter and don’t know where to start? The following 6 practices for targeting twitter followers will help get your business growth objectives off to a great start.

  1. Create a Professional Bio
    Creating a well thought out bio is more important than most social media user’s think. Your bio provides the perfect opportunity to tell visitors what you’re all about and what you do. In other words, your bio should compel them to follow you. Presenting the right message is the perfect starting point when it comes to targeting Twitter followers. By attracting the right followers, like-minded users with a shared interest, you’ll be able to connect in a far more meaningful way.
  1. Post Great content, Shareable Content
    If you’re a brand that wants to get more Twitter followers on social media, you need to have a good idea of what your followers are after. Once you do, keep your updates relevant to your target audience which will generate increased traction on your tweets and expand your following.
  1. Use Hashtags
    If you include relevant hashtags in your tweets, hashtags focused on a specific topic (that you’re tweeting about), you’ll be able to expand your reach. You can also use hashtags to connect with influencers in your niche.
  1. Add a Follow Widget
    To increase your Twitter following you need to eliminate all barriers to entry. The best way to accomplish this is to add a follow widget to your blog. You should also have a Twitter share button on your blog posts, ensuring that it’s easy for your readers to tweet your posts.
  1. Reach out to Influencers
    There are individuals/companies in your industry/niche that have a direct influence over your target market. These influencers probably have significant audiences of their own that you can tap into. This means that the next time you publish a blog post, you should link out to a few influencers in your niche, letting them know about it via Twitter, any other social network you’re using and email.
  1. Stay active
    When it comes to targeting Twitter followers, the more often you post, the better your results will be. Lots of tweets equates to increased activity. The more active you are on any social media platform, the greater your chances of gaining followers, making connections and building relationships.

Targeting Twitter followers and growing your following takes time, and a lot of consistent effort which causes some people to look for shortcuts. The truth is that if your Twitter following isn’t “real” and well targeted, using it is pointless. So, apply the tips listed here and start growing a targeted and engaged Twitter audience using relevant content. The results of your efforts can turn out to be incredible.