Tips to Consider Psychology Aspect in Choosing Website Color

Color uses great influence to the emotions and attitudes. When you see a color, a signal is communicated to hypothalamus in the brain. Then the signal will be sent to other regions of the brain so the hormones are released; resulting emotion, mood, and behavior fluctuation. According to the research of Quick Sprout, it is found that color is used by 90% product assessments. Color also becomes the reason for 85% of specific product purchasing. That is why it is also important to choose the right website color schemes to make it more special.

The Meaning of Color Psychology

Color psychology is the knowledge about how human behavior is affected by color. It is a branch science of behavioral psychology and belongs to a quite complex field. It is even unconcerned to the difficult color psychology. That is why this field is still lack of scientific evidence. However, it is a thoughtful and indisputable that can’t be dismissed.

 The undeniable color theory is supported by the some key facts. Satyendra Singh inside his journal wrote that customers only need 90 seconds to make opinion for a product. Furthermore, about 62% – 90% of the opinion is strongminded by the product’s color.

That is why color psychology is an important field to learn. It is important to learn by leaders, architects, office managers, chefs, gardeners, store owners, packaging designers, product designers, as well as those who plan to paint a room for their newly born baby. Color will also determine our success.

Use Color in the Right Place

Before you use a color, it is also important to understand the right place to use it. You also need to understand the color when you make a website design; the color schemes such as hero graphics tint, borders, headline type, buttons, backgrounds as well as the popups. For example, you need to use the right colors for each menu of the website such as menu bar, logo, graphic, sub headings, category menu, sidebar and even phone number.

Use the Right Color

Choosing the right color in designing a website must be a tricky thing. You must use the right color in the right way and time. Besides, the color should also be right for the audience and also with the right purpose. For instance, if plan to sell a website that offers kids’ toys, it isn’t a great idea to design the website in black color scheme. You have to choose vibrant and bright colors such as greens, reds and even yellow. Besides, you also may not use orange or brown color if the product is going to sell to women. It also may be the reason of why cosmetic brands use black, white, purple or pink colors as their website color schemes of their ecommerce page.

In order to use the right colors based on the color psychology, you can use the main principles of the color using in the right way and time based on the audience as well as the purpose of the website designing.