How Teachers Can Create Screencast Tutorials with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows teachers to create on-screen tutorials with their desktops. With Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can demonstrate instructions to others on the things that you are knowledgeable and skilled in. It will record everything that you see on the computer screen within the recording frame. It has a trial version that allows you to record the screen for up to 2 minutes. The licensed version does not have any limit on how long you can record the screen. There is no need to sign up to use the software. You just have to input the license key to activate the software and it can be used instant to record the screen.

You can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to create a channel of video tutorials on YouTube. There are not many complicated steps to follow to learn how to make a how to video with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. To use the screen capture software, you must click on the shortcut icon on the desktop or go to the program menu to launch it.

If you are making a tutorial about an application, you must first launch the application before clicking on the Record Screen button on the gray launcher window. It will turn the standard cursor into a cross hair cursor with a magnifying glass on the left. The cross hair cursor is able to automatically identify the border of the window of any open application. It will draw an orange borderline on the application window that it has detected.

If it is the application that you want to record, you must click on it once to set the capture area to be restricted within that application. After the capture area is set, the screen recorder control panel will appear for you to perform configuration to other necessary settings. Most people will turn on the microphone recording feature when they are recording a video tutorial. You must select the microphone input device after clicking the microphone button. The microphone input device is the model name of the microphone that you have plug in and want to use for voiceover recording.

When you hit the REC button, it will quickly count down from 5 – 0 before starting the screen recording. You can access the stop recording function by clicking on the square on top of the recording frame or go to the windows taskbar to maximize the control panel and press the stop button. The easiest and fastest way to start and stop a screen recording is to press the F10 key. You can click the open in editor button after stopping the screen recording to edit the video.

In the video editor, you can go to the Tools tab to edit various aspects of the video. You can adjust the volume, speed, opacity and duration. You can zoom in/zoom out on the important details in the video. The highlight tool allows you to highlight an object in square, round and liquid shape. The crop tool can be used if you want to get rid of the unnecessary parts in the edge of the video. With the rotating tool, you can rotate the video at any angle by dragging the angle slider or entering a degree for the angle in the values box.