Increase The Intensity Of “Mad Men” With High Definition

If you pay any attention to the buzz about television programming, or watch any of the awards shows, then you have heard the talk about AMC’s original series “Mad Men” that debuted in July 2007. This period drama has really captured the attention of viewers, as well as the critics alike. Set in the 1960’s, “Mad Men” covers the lives, loves and antics of the advertising executives of the fictional Sterling Cooper ad agency in New York.

mad-menWith excellently written scripts, and a large ensemble cast, “Mad Men” takes the time to develop the characters. There is no rushing through the characterizations in order to fill the screen with action. This is a program that will make you think. It is not a show where everyone is likeable, and everything turns out positive by the end of each episode. In fact, there is a degree of reality to the show that is rarely matched on television.

Mad Men puts a level of attention and detail into every episode and that is very rare by television standards. This attention to detail ranges from the set design and set pieces, to the elaborate and well thought out costuming and cars. Man Men will effectively transport most viewers to a bygone era and will do so with flare and style.

You will find that the writers have woven the history of that time in America into the scripts for each episode. For those of you who lived through the 1960’s, you will be reminded of some of the changing social customs of that time. For those of you who are too young to remember, you will be getting a bit of a history lesson about an important decade in America. With the realistic sets, wardrobe and cars you will feel transported back in time while watching “Mad Men”.

Mad Men is a visually rich show that will look great when viewed through a high-quality source such as the Dish Network or Blu-ray. If you have not seen Mad Men yet, then you are in luck, as there are several seasons of this high-quality show just waiting to transport you back in time.