Securing Your Organization From Network Security Threats

verhuizenSecure data sharing over the network of the company is a constant challenge for organizations because it involves dealing with many potential threats during data transfer. If there is a critical or confidential data is stolen or misplaced while sharing, it can be expensive for an organization to cope with it. Thus, organizations should be aware of the threats associated with the transfer and management of data through the network in order to secure data.

Open Express System Adapter (OSA-E) is associated with a mainframe system that helps you to share information in a secure network. In this article, we discuss the threats to the data that is sent over the network and the OSA-E how to handle them and allow the secure transmission of data across a network of organizations threatening network.


Interference: interference refers to unauthorized entry into the network and access to network files and directories. By disrupting the system, the attacker can access data and files from other devices connected to the same service network. Denial: Denial of service or denial means not allowing the user or the system connected the network. Thus, sharing and communication is impossible without a connection to network. Message change: change message means manipulating messages or data when being transmitted. Data received by the same recipient is not sent sender. Traffic tracking: This refers to the attacker to monitor the ongoing events in the network. Get to know all the network information, including confidential data. Impersonation: Impersonation refers to changes in packet sender address (typically transmitted in the form of packet data network) and trick the receiver / receivers.

The in mentioned above is possible and the five most common threats to network anything. Some of these threats can be avoided by using a physical connection between each individual system communicate, but it would be extremely expensive, even for large organizations.

Securing network with OSA Express

Open Systems Adapter Express (OSA-E) is a physical part of the mainframe that helps your organization from the threats of the network as possible. OSA-E from a mainframe system to connect the system to an external LAN (Local Area Network) and can be shared in a network system. Act as internal VLANs between devices that share the same OSA-E. VLAN – one physical LAN connection is divided into several virtual connections.OSA prevent network threats by supporting VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) technology. It secures data network by securing virtual networks and virtual network maintains a network integrity.


First, LANs are divided by the number of virtual connections or VLAN and VLAN each containing an ID. Switches, which are used to create a LAN network everyone knows VLAN ID. So, every time the data is sent from one device to another device on the network, the ID OSA stick and move strictly directed to the recipient, intended to. In this method, OSA E-government transactions across network is based VLAN network integrity IDs.


Data packet contains a “header checksum” used to verify the integrity of data. Only header checksum value is assigned to packets of data depending on the contents packet.

OSA-E support the TCP / IP stack sending side to calculate the checksum value attached to the packet header and the data that must be sent to other the receiver. On side, OSA-E helps TCP / IP stack on the receiving end of a header checksum to validate the data packet and compare it with the checksum value when it is sent. If the two match, then there is no way lost.

This data, OSA Express secure data from being lost, unauthorized access and manipulation of data that is sent over the network.