Creating Killer Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

CONTENT“Content is King”. I believe you saw this statement for a thousandth or hundred thousandth time. But what you have not seen until now is the ‘behind the scenes snapshot’ of the coronation of the King. Creating a solid content marketing strategy is what I’m talking about here. Good content is important, but we also have to be familiar with the fact that the content of the fruit is not luck, it was the result of a deep plan.

Unlike yesteryears action, creating content for social media is not a casual work again, now, content can actually make or break a brand. Previously, marketers handling social media brand profile just write some updates, tweets and posts a link without putting a lot of head on it. Good ol ‘days of social media it. Now, a full fledged team of content marketing, social media management, content writer, creative director and brand managers to sacrifice their short sleep to ensure that every word posted on social media in accordance with the action plan and lead high ROI. So, here are some hints to help you get started with creating killer content marketing personality strategy.

Define Your Target Audience

The general trend in many brand managers I have encountered is that when you ask them about their target audience, they tell you about the age group, 15-25 or 18-30. Definition of the target audience actually contain more insight into, like their hobbies, their likes, type of music they listen to, the kind of food they want, sort of celebrity follow them, etc. Once you clarify the truth, you know exactly what kind of content you need to provide targeted audience.

Determine Your Voice Brand

What is your brand sound like? It can sound like Elvis Presley, Louis CK, Che Guevara or some other famous personalities! Your brand should have a personality and character each has a voice, that eternal truth. So after determining what your brand should sound like, you can write content that goes well with it. In this way, your content will not scatter and your audience will not be confused. It also provides a window to realize your brand in social Due platform.

Create Theme Content

Content themes important topics you discuss in your post. The subjects may be tips, facts, quotes, how to guides, quizzes or memes. Well strategized content themes give you a spirit of social media pages and you also assist you in tracking your preferences fans content. It is also important to keep your content themes change from time to time to prevent your yard from getting monotonous.

Create Content Calendar

Content is the agenda calendar, where you can plan what content should be posted once. The content calendar contains details such as monthly / weekly themes, holidays and festivals list, famous birthdays / anniversaries, upcoming events, calendar etc. content will make your life easier if you are a developer of social media content and also help you to post content related to the current Management events.


Create a community on social media is not a big problem, a big problem is to manage and maintain the community. Generally, the agency has a community manager to do this job, but if you are the sole caretaker of your brand, it is important to create a social networking channels your first home if you want to take advantage of your community. Any comments on your posts, every reference and every request must be timely responded to apt content. While creating content strategy, you can also chalk down a standard answer for the FAQ and predictable complaints, it will save you time.

These are the basic steps to creating killer content marketing strategy. I use the word ‘basic’ because it references every single busy creating killer content strategy will require a series of books. Maybe someday, I’ll go down to write one, but now you know where to begin your content marketing strategy. Remember, when you create a content marketing strategy, yielding only as brand managers and start thinking from the perspective of your audience. This is the best way that you can use! But doubts and dilemmas continue to haunt you, it is always the best choice to hire an Inbound Marketing Agency.