Blue Screen of Death – The Horror And The Dilemma

image178Oh how we love our computers. Our precious little darlings. We are the be all and end all of our universe. Where would be today without computers. Horrendous play in the pasture, chasing Butterflies terrible and take in all the wonderful fresh air.

But then you get a Blue Screen of Death (please imagine a deep voice eerily reminiscent of the roaring from Zeus Olympus). You know that life ends at the time. Did you know that your computer is, there is bad in and not your friend but now you enemy.

It allow you strange times of peace and normalcy. You think that running a virus scan quickly worked. That your computer does not return on its own and then BAM! Blues Screen of Death! Right in the middle of the most important part of the work or in the middle of some of the highest number of frag first person shooter.

You cry. You put your head in your hands and make you cry. In this die. Oh you okay, it’s a little dramatic, I let some artistic flare. But the truth is that it’s really, really frustrating. Most time the Blue Screen of Death appears, it is because of memory problems. Defective memory. Old handy memory. Bad motherboard. Corrupted file system and virus ridden operating systems.

So what I should do. Well first I did not give up. And I certainly did not reach the operating disk to reinstall. I suppose you back up all your important files right? I will write an article about that very subject. Suppose that, then I will always try to run in safe mode (F8 at startup) and run your virus and registry cleaner run msconfig software.

I under the Start Menu, suppose you are using a Windows machine. Put the box run and tell the system to disable all startup. Reboot and see what happens. I will also try to remove the memory to see if it is the root cause. Run memory software to scan (it took time so be warned). Checking the memory assume that you are competent enough to do it, if not stay clear and ask someone to is.

If it all fails then I run a repair of the operating system. Instead I said ‘repairs’ and not a new installation. Why? Because there is a high probability that you have not backed up your system to thousands of years. So always try to run a repair first. Too many ways to do this and too many systems do it differently so I think you have to look at the manual or search for your own operating system to help improve guide.

After should run a virus scan and scan the registry. This is in addition to scan the disk (chkdsk). If the above fails then as a last resort to try a new installation. Wiping clean your computer may be the answer, but only do it if you know what you are doing and the risks involved in losing a nightmare information. The be root cause motherboard has failed. If this is the case is to seek help from your local computer repair shop, but be warned, you may need your credit card! On the computer end like humans, they sometimes cough and choke if something is not right. Do not give up on your old machine and give you a last chance to be your friend now. Or you can always go out and enjoy the fresh air now!