Stage 3 Critical Marketing Program Content

1392399240269Developing effective content marketing program is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. When you write, optimize, and publish the article as part of this program, you will progress through the following three phases.

1. Research

You need to consider several areas of research that need to be done before you even think about writing:

• Conduct keyword research to find keywords that your target audience is looking to find the types of products and services you offer. Because it can be a rather involved process, we devote a separate article in the intricacies of keyword research. As a basic example, if you run a homecare agency may find that your main keyword phrase should be “Omaha homecare services” rather than “Omaha homecare company.”

• Conduct industry research to see what prospects and customers talking about, what they are interested in, what the same publishing business, and industry trends. You can achieve this in various ways, including making a basic Google search on the type of services you provide, join and participate in one or more of your LinkedIn industry groups, and influential industry blog subscribe.

• Of course, you also will want to investigate specific topics for each article so that you can be sure that you know inside and out.

2. Content

Content phase is the second phase of the process. Want to create an editorial calendar to ensure that the topic of your article is aligned with your goals, important events, the timing of sales, and products / services. Editorial calendar also ensure that you stay on schedule every week to make high-quality articles consistently. In general, you want to write a 500-600 word article that is optimized for phrase.3 main keywords. Distribution

Stage distribution is an important part of the process, and this is the area where most businesses fail to effectively utilize their content. They do not take extra steps to begin the process of re-publishing it as far as possible up exponentially.

After you publish an article on your blog indexed by search engines and make sure that you get credit for being the original publisher of the content, you have to push on the strategic distribution channel Another important. If you do it right, you could be surprised by the quantity and quality of traffic, rankings, tin, and a positive customer engagement can achieve.

It’s also always a good idea to repurpose your article as an email newsletter that is sent to your mailing list. You can stay in touch with prospects and customers without having to spend extra time and money to make additional content.

What’s Your Plan?

Three phases in mind when you write, optimize, and publish valuable content on your company blog. Note that the content you share will live forever online, so it’s important that you only publish high quality articles. It can be the difference between make or break your brand and reputation.