Keep Your Website Visitors engaged

quick-website-changes-that-increase-visitor-engagementAttracting visitors to your business website is only half the battle. The ultimate goal is to make visitors feel welcome and interested in exploring all the sites that you have to offer. This will significantly increase the likelihood that they will sign up for your free newsletter, take advantage of a special offer or promotion and removing closer to a final decision on purchase.

But is possible only if you have done all thing possible to attract visitors and give them a reason to keep around. Remember Good, almost everyone makes the decision to stay or go in a few seconds of clicking on your home page. So how can you more fully engage with prospective clients? Making things easy. Your website should be designed from the perspective of the user. The content should be easy to read (in fact, easy to scan), with a thick headline, bullet points, quotes outgoing calls, etc. Navigation should be easy to understand and logical, one page leads to another in a way that makes sense to users. Sub-pages should be categorized by a clear and simple way to find anywhere from site.

No disorder or “Error 404” is allowed. It was awhile because you or someone on your team has examined the functionality of the website? All it takes is one bad link to frustrate visitors and send them to another place. Take time to do a comprehensive “check-up,” removes duplicate title page and “page not found” error messages.

Give something away. Value content must be immediately able to access (and prominently displayed to catch the eye of the user). It could be anything from a short “how-to” pieces of blog posts related to the topic of interest to prospective clients. From there, visitors agree reward for giving their email address by offering higher amounts of material-for example, in-depth white paper or PDF deals with an issue of concern For those who field.

Focus to interesting content. When it comes to creating content for your site, what the cardinal rule? Do not be boring. Whatever your business and your clients are, there are always creative ways to make the topic more interesting. You just have to use your imagination. (If people are not comforted when they are told, they generally opt out.) Use personal stories and anecdotes to make your content dynamic content alive.

Keep. The sites that offer the most attractive content and images are always changing. Use tools such as a sidebar that can load new content daily. Offer a customer survey. Video and photo features. Compile a list of “New Features” or “Most Popular Links” to draw visitors deeper into the site. People are always interested in what other people see. Another good idea: Add two or three “suggested articles” at the end of each post or feature, encouraging visitors to move around longer.

Think link. When you pile up content on the site-to articles, blog posts, client surveys, etc., you can create internal links to archival material elsewhere on the site. Get smart with the amount of links you include in any given piece. And ensuring that the link takes visitors to a page that is linked directly to where they started (or matching keyword click them). Why not exacerbating the user more than clicking on a link that takes them to the internal content form.

Make sign-up would not be easy to share. Icon of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) are a promising way to engage your visitors. Makes sharing your content easy to share on social networks and let people know how much you love, tweets, comments and content you produce. It will make visitors curious more. It learning takes time and energy to maintain an attractive site. But the pay-off in terms of time spent on site, pages viewed per visit, bounce rates and search engine ranking is worth the effort.