Common Mistakes When Doing Social bookmarking

photo_45587_carouselSince the discovery of social bookmarking a great way to promote content and some of your favorite Web sites. Does not affect all Google updates in the past year or so. Though most out of your bookmarks if you use them in your website content, or other video rather to make sure that you follow some tips below.

Many webmaster will usually be more of a social bookmarking site pregnanc- bookmarking to increase traffic and the effects of exposure so most of these tips will apply to them. The first common mistake when only bookmark bookmark your own website, blog or content. I often see people going to bookmark each page on their website just to promote themselves. Why is it bad? Most sites take you long just to promote your own content and you can take the risk of the account is locked or banned. So, make sure you also bookmark other sites that do not belong to you or even websites on other niche of your own that looks natural.

Another common mistakes made when more than one bookmark at a site using titles and descriptions of your bookmarks in the same. While often times it would make sense to bookmark using the same titles you want some variation there, especially after updating Penguin. In this case you can produce a list of titles and descriptions, and play them when you put them on a Web site. Not only does it look more natural that you will have better results in the search engines to bookmark it because you’ll be able to cover more keywords variations titles.

This brings me to next error, avoid using advertisements as the title of your bookmarks. An example would be “Frank – best dog in Boston”. It’s pretty much pure advertising and most people probably will not even read about the story / bookmarks. Title bookmarking is one of the most important aspects of bookmarks. This is what first saw the site and a great title is getting more exposure. For the purposes of SEO also helps to use keywords in your title relevant to the pointer over, just be careful not to overuse every last tip keywords.

My common mistake is to bookmark the page with low quality content or little to no useful for someone else to look. A good example of this would be to list a product for sale and there is no content, but some pictures and prices. On the other hand if there is a sale going on like 30% off can help others. Try to bookmark a page with useful information or entertainment value to video included.