Short-Term Traffic Versus Long Term Traffic

long-term-trafficWhen it comes to generating traffic to your business web site, one of the considerations worth thinking about is the kind of traffic that you should use to achieve your business goals depending on where you your business. In terms of time and effectiveness, there are two main types of traffic: traffic term.

Short term and long term is the traffic that you can generate very fast but can only make you a visitor for a short time. Suppose that you have a new web site and you want to drive massive amounts of traffic quickly. Usually, you will be sent an email with a list of existing customers to do just that. You get a quick, but brief, increase traffic to your website when your customers visit. Short-term traffic because only limited to the size of your list. You can invite a specific list of customers who visit the site regularly. However, there continues to be source of new visitors. In terms of paid traffic, the length of time you received the traffic is entirely dependent on the amount of traffic you want to pay. If you have a limited budget, you can just run traffic while.

Long ads for short term, on the other hand, the traffic will bring you the same flow of new traffic and repeat without having to invest additional effort or money. This is provided that you put in the time and effort to develop the first place, but only once. One of the most effective ways to build long term traffic is article marketing. Good article, once published, will be circulated on the Internet for months, and sometimes years. Continue to receive new traffic from the article so long visitors find them through search engines, article directories, etc.

Regardless time and effectiveness of traffic, it all boils down to two things When the traffic generation is concerned: time and money. You can generate traffic by either invest your time, if you have, to do the hard work required, such as writing articles, optimizing your website, blog, sending press releases, participate in the forum, etc., or you can generate traffic with pay for it. Examples of using paid traffic pay-per-click, e-zine advertising, Classified ads, solo ads, ads on high traffic sites, and like.

Most importantly, you will want to focus on mastering a procedure at a time. Then, pay attention to your results, especially your conversion rate. In other words, how many visitors your website to your customers or subscribers? A common way to measure the conversion rate is the number of sales of a hundred guests, or the number of actions taken in a hundred guests. Above all, make sure that your efforts are better spent growing your customer base to your opt-in list. Subscribers will be the center of your business to bring repeat traffic and sales.