How to Grow Your Business With Video

Video has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. As the cost of video production and a decline in the popularity of the form of increased advertising, even the smallest companies use video to reach out to current customers and target potential customers, both online and in-store . A well-made video by one of the growing number of corporate video production company will more than pay for itself in new business. Let’s look at some ways that video can be used to grow your company.

Marketing videos on 2011 Nielsen study found that the videos are fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results than the other types of content. Many potential customers who prefer to watch a short video to learn more about the products and services of the business rather than reading pages of text on a website or brochure. A video is a great way to introduce yourself and your employees, and allow people to see the faces behind the business.

You can show many examples of your work in a short time , an entertaining format is more viewer-friendly than asking customers to scroll different images. Note that online video should be short – no more than two or three minutes. Most people will not notice much longer than that. It is better to have a few short, interesting video of one long one. Leave them wanting more – not Videos Online less.

Instructional video is a great way to show how to use your product. Step-by-step written instructions can be overwhelming, and many people find it easier to follow visual instructions. If someone feels confident they can muster and / or use the product easily, they are more likely to buy and then store it and recommend it to others. Even if you do not sell anything that requires instructions, you can show a variety of ways to use the products and make the most of it. Good video editing is the key to keep the pieces in the optimal length and easy to follow. A video production company with experience in this type of pieces to help you make a how-to video that will inspire customers to buy and use product.

In-store/Lobby Videos

Never miss the opportunity to market to current customers – even if they are in your place of business. While they wait, give them something to look at besides their iPhone. As more and more people’s attention span grew shorter, more businesses look for ways to entertain and inform customers, whether they are in the check-out line at the store grocery, or pumping gas at a gas station. You can use a piece of in-store to promote special offers and new products that your customers may not know about or to tell them about something you are doing to help the business community . Videos What Customer Testimonials great way to show customer testimonials about your business than movies? When potential customers see people extolling the virtues of your business, the effects are stronger than if they read the written testimony. These are the next best thing to face-to-face advice from a friend or family member. Some brief customer testimonials of different types of people with different products or services and how they meet customer needs’ can be an effective marketing tool.

Optimizing Video Viewership

Keywords: If your videos online, it is important to catch people’s attention with a catchy title that also makes people know what your business. The keywords are very important in helping people search the internet to find a service or product for your business. Put the keyword in the title and description box. Be sure to include your website at the very beginning description.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a whole industry in itself. Many companies have a professional video production company that knows all the tricks of SEO to get the video in front of the Media people.


Put your video on all social media sites (Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+) in addition to your web site. Use a service like Tube Mogul to share them across multiple video platforms. If you have a channel on YouTube, including a link to your website, and include it on your business cards and marketing materials printed. Do not forget to send it to people contact list e-mailed to you as well.


Each video has a chance to get your brand out there. Your company name and logo should be clearly visible on each one. Video really be a need to build a business. Do not Be Intimidated by the idea. Nobody expects Spielberg-directed movie. However, they must look professional to give potential customers confidence in you and your business. A skilled video production company can ensure that your business is presented in the best light, and that it would be in front of the maximum number of people interested in what you have to offer.