AdSense Account Issues

Google AdSense is a great way for any website owner to earn an ongoing passive income from a website. But it can be difficult to get an account for your website must meet many criteria important that Google dispose Terms of Service (TOS). Failed to meet them and your site will not be approved and your application will be rejected. Also note that once your site is rejected is very difficult to get approved for a site re-delivered programme.

If your site to be followed and successfully applied for an account and then you will want to make very sure that you do all you can to save it. This is because if you are banned from Google AdSense by law then you must reapply to the program. Many people no longer valid after the ban and then wonder why they get rejected, either ban now would be a good reason! However, many people simply do not realize that it is their website and their account banned. This means that even if you get a new account to purchase one from dubious sources as an example, if you enter the code on your site longer (Banned) then they just ban you again, and again. This is due to Google bot minute scan your site and find a new code to your site banned after banning new account automatically.

This means if you buy an account then you’ve just wasted your money. You also have to understand that every site you run over your tires can never run AdSense on it again. Even if you were to sell the banned websites new owner can not operate on it, if they try to run their own code on them after their accounts can also get a ban. This is something to keep in mind if you ever decide to buy a website, because you may be in for a shock if you suddenly get a ban as a result of the previous owner actions.

Also sites need to be aware of purchase or sale of accounts is strictly against Google’s terms and conditions and you can handle the worst case legal action. Also I would suggest that it is unwise to something you do not know where it came from. For example you want to buy a new car without the ownership papers?