Blogging Success? How Often Should You Blog

For a small business blog with some opinions about blogging every day, and it is impossible to give an answer to the question “If you blog every day or more often?” If you look at some the most successful blogs, you see that all of them do post something every day, or at least every day of the week, if they will blog about business topics . And some of them even blog more than once a day and thrive in a more “online magazine” or “news site” instead of traditional blogs.

I can see two explanations is :

1. They tried different frequencies and see that people actually visit their blog more than once a day or

2. They had so much to write about that some material will be obsolete before you get a chance to hit send. So it is better to publish readily than wait.

Some schedules and daily blog posts stating that destroy the social proof you try to get through comments and sharing, because your post really become obsolete quickly. On other hand, if you offer your audience more than what they came to your blog for, you give them more of a reason to stay longer and likely to increase your search rankings eye engines. Also that said, you should not post too often, because you need time to promote Your post good.

This quite right, but there are ways to automate your promote the social media platforms, and once they are set, you do not have to pay too much attention to it if you do not want to to. Daily blogging can give your readers more reason to adore , like you and trust you, and the main pillar of success anyway. One resistance usually is that your readers are busy, and do not have time to read all your posts daily.

For some proper audience, and in this case you should plan appropriate editorial calendar. However, if you send a weekly newsletter or Ezine, daily posting just adding more content in them. After two content gives readers twice as many reasons to pass it to their circles. ! The added value is never reason to cancel a subscription Ezine To find out what frequency would be perfect, I suggest you do a test: for a predetermined period of time, posting daily and see what happens. Click Collect, share and comment and you’ll know what your readers want more from you in the future. When time expires, you can also create a survey or poll and even offer incentives for answer your question.