How to Replace a Broken LCD Screen On Laptop

A broken screen can make the laptop to be very effective, but the good news is that it can be fixed, even if it requires a bit of technical savvy to complete. A small gap or dent on the screen may stop you from using your laptop to perform meaningful work. To repair broken laptop screen, you must have the proper tools to work with, it will make the task of buying easier.

When LCD screen replacement, you should ensure that the new screen is broken as the only way to guarantee this is to remove exactly. The old and went to this place where you intend to buy a new or copy the model number of the screen is broken. Step by step guide below will show you how to replace a broken laptop screen.

Step 1 Begin process of removing the laptop screen to disconnect the laptop from the power supply and remove the battery, remove the battery, open it and then slide it out laptop.

Step 2 The next step is to remove the panel LCD screen, it is held by a few screws and the screws are covered by a seal or cushion. Remove the seal and then remove the screws securing the display bezel.

Step 3 Place your fingers in between plastic display panel and LCD screen, and then remove the plastic screen bezel secures the laptop screen to be used to lift the plastic bezel end. Please do not use a screwdriver or metal bezel edges to lift because it can cause further damage to 4After screen.

Step 4 bezel is completely removed, with LCD mounting bracket is now exposed, proceed to remove the screws that secure the bracket to lid, then relax on the front side screen laptop case and remove the screws holding it cable.

Step 5Remove LCD inverter board, inverter cable release on both sides of the board, and then remove the cable LCD inverter securing board.

Step 6Remove video recording and disconnect the video cable from the LCD screen, note that the video cable connector screws hidden under 7Remove tape.

Step to secure your laptop screen on each side and then carefully To remove the LCD screen from complete Step laptop

Step 9the 8The now the next step is to find a manufacturer label on the back of the screen and record the model number. Using this information be able to buy an exact match for screen.

Step 10 After the new screen arrives damaged, carefully unpack and make sure it fits the old before the repairs.