How to Optimize Your Email Campaign

Email list building is very important because it allows you to communicate effectively with your potential customers. In this article I want to talk about how you can optimize your email campaigns so you raise your profits.

Saving Email

First of all it is very important that when you write an email that you keep a copy in a document file. It is much easier to change when you need while you optimize your campaign.

Recording Results

You also need to record the results of your email campaigns so you know something improved or not when you make change.

Things To record

You can track various things such as:

open rate

click through rate

Sales Making product innovation

Once you start recording your results then you can begin to implement the changes that need to.

Open rate

If your open rate is low then you need to look for your topic in the subject line to see if it is quite interesting. Changing your subject line and monitor any changes in your open rate. If nothing changes then it can indicate that you are not related to a particular topic on your list and therefore you should remove that email.

Click Through Rate

If your click through rate is low, we will see the anchor text used to go to your link. Are you going to force the customer to click on that link? Is it related to the topic you wrote in an email? Make changes as necessary and then split test email. This means sending a version to the proportion of your list and another version to the rest of your list. Record the results and see which emails best.

Once do you know it and then you can use email campaign. This you must be an ongoing process which will continue to monitor your emails so you finally have a fully equipped optimizing campaigns and work effectively.

Remember just a change could lead to more people open the email, click the link to more people, and more people with visibility into your sales page. If you have your email campaigns are fully optimized but your sales conversion is low so it is time to look at your sales page to see what you can do to increase conversions.