How to tweak your Facebook Page Sending New Customer Start Today

You can use Facebook to boost your website customers starting today. It is a virus and a great social channels to let your audience know the importance of joining your list. Here are 5 tips to tailor your Facebook page to start sending new customers today:

1. Brand and make your website viral

Use logo to create a strong brand on your Facebook page. Make it look like the official page for your website. People will respect you more if your website do it. Also, you should let your visitors to tell their friends about your page. Put something in your yard that encourages people to spread the word about your page. Of course, you can always give them a bonus for doing so. This will help you to attract more traffic to your page.

2. Enter your page

People FAQs want their questions answered before they join your list. Simple questions such as “What are the benefits of joining your list” or “how to join your list” should be addressed to your yard because most people do not understand about it. Please enter a FAQ page on your Facebook page to help them understand why it is important for them to subscribe to your web site today. Using a FAQ page, you can avoid them fill your pages with unnecessary comments.

3. Use dramatically graphics

Graphics actually have an important impact on your conversion rate. People who visit your page the normal rate your website based on the graphics you use. If your graphics gorgeous as well as attractive, you will find them flocking to your website and join your mailing list. However, if you use an old piece of page design, it will help you in attracting customers. It is a good idea to hire a good graphic designer just gorgeous up your Page.

4. Use strong headline

Instead using ordinary Welcome title, it is better for you to use the powerful title instead. The title should be attractive enough to make your visitors want to visit your website. You do not need to make it sound too sales because you do not try to generate sales here. Trying to attract customers to your website. So, put a title like “Discover the latest trends in IT Day – FREE” will help to attract customers to your website. It’s as simple as that. Do not be too complicated or over-hype your headline.

5. Experiment with color schemes colors

Different will give different results. It is better for you to experiment with the colors on your Facebook page, because it may increase or decrease your conversions. A good idea is to use calm colors to your pages will not look like a mess. Also, match your color scheme in the color scheme of your website will bring you good results because people will immediately see the connection between your Facebook page and your website as soon as they arrive on your website. This is important because it will increase their confidence familiarity you.

Those tips will help you to attract more customers to your website the more effective use of Facebook.