Learn the latest Google Update

As the world’s leading search engine, Google is constantly updating their algorithms and other important factors can make the search for hungry again. They know that when people have things in common from time to time, they end up looking for something new. This is why you also need to get the latest updates on Google to realize fresh things in store for you. So, what is the latest update now? Go White Hat There many specialists in search engine optimization today. However, you can simply divide them into two parts: a white hat and black hat. When we say white hat, it’s the people who optimizes websites through ethical standards and procedures.

On the other hand, black-hat optimization using unethical that Google does not like it at all. An example is duplicate content, filling the keyword and link the sly. In general, people are using temporary methods for ranking a website. But with the latest update of Google, they managed to keep things more strictly punish those who do wrong. The latest update of Google recommended or strongly dislike them using appropriate techniques to optimize a website. This includes integration of proper keyword density, high quality content and ensuring proper link building. What is beautiful about white hat is that a website can run on search engines provided there be banned from using unethical techniques.

Penguin 2.0 is all SetPenguin, Google update, now made more greedy to capture every black-hat SEO professionals working on a way to manipulate ranking of the site. Search engine optimization has been active for years and each year continues to become more competitive as more marketers gearing to the # 1 spot in search engine results pages (SERPs). This year they launched another Google update naming Penguin 2.0. This update is effective in strengthening the Google application targets of unethical SEO. It is intended to punish those who use keyword stuffing, duplicate content and link building schemes. Thus, the optimization of search engines should be prepared to confirm all their mistakes and start doing the right things to stay the leading online marketing channel.

Free Wi-Fi in San Francisco ParksSince 2007, there has been debate and measures when it comes to provide free high-speed internet access in local parks San Francisco. But it was only in 2013 that it was approved and presented as a gift to the San Francisco community. Free internet access is available in playgrounds, parks, plazas and other entertainment venues in the area. It just means more communication and productivity for SF. Although the plan is still being processed for approval, the installation is said to begin in November and people are now able to use it in early 2014. This is really good news for all professionals who still want or need to be online while they bring their children or themselves in a refreshing way.