File Integrity Monitoring and Siem

Fight the Zero Day threats and modern malware Anti-Virus System miss Introduction It known Anti-Virus technology is wrong and it continues to be by design. View of the (Threatscape?) Always evolving and AV systems are generally malware signatures updated their storage at least once per day in an attempt to compete with new threats that except for the last update.

So how secure your organization need to be? 80%? 90%? Because if you rely on the defense of traditional anti-virus is the best you can hope to achieve unless you apply an extra layer of defense such as the FIM (file integrity monitoring) and Siem (event log analysis) Anti- Virus Technology -. Complete With Blind spots Any Malware Anti Virus software has a major weakness in that it relies on malware library ‘signature’ to identify viruses, Trojans and worms that try to remove.

This repository of malware signatures updated on a regular basis, sometimes several times a day depending on the software developer used. The problem is that the AV developers usually need to have direct experience of each new strains of malware to fight them. The concept of ‘zero-day’ threats is one that uses a new variant of malware is not met by system.

By definition AV, AV systems are blind to the threat of ‘zero day’, although the point where a new version of an existing strain of malware can avoid detection. Modern malware often include a way to mutate, allowing it to change its structure whenever deployed to increase the effectiveness in avoiding other AV system.

Similarly automated security technologies, such as sand or quarantine approach, seeking to block or remove malware all suffer from the same blind spot. If new malware though – zero-day threats – then by definition there is no signature because it was not known previously. The unfortunate reality is that cyber supernatural enemies also know that new more efficient if they want their malware to evade detection. This is evidenced by the fact that more than 10 million new malware samples have been identified in other words period.

In 6 months in most organizations usually have a very effective defense against an unknown enemy – malware have previously been identified were stopped dead in its tracks by IP, the system anti-virus, or web / mail filtering technology to another sandbox. However, it is also true that the majority of both organizations with little or no protection against zero-day threat.

File Integrity Monitoring – 2nd Line Anti-Virus Defense System for Anti-Virus System Integrity Monitoring When Fails File serves to Record any changes to the core operating system file system file or program component. In this way, the malware enters your key server platform is defined, no matter how subtle or hidden attack.

In addition FIM technology will also ensure that other vulnerabilities filtered from your system to ensure the best skills in configuring Secure Operating System you become applied. For example, configuration settings such as user accounts, password policy, services and processes are running, installed software, management and supervision of all function vector for potential security breaches. In a Windows environment, Windows Local Security Policy has gradually expanded over time to include greater restrictions for various functions to be exploited in the past but this in itself is a very complex to configured properly. To then keep the system in this country is impossible without configuring secure automated file integrity monitoring Siem technology.

Likewise or Security Information and Event Management system is designed to collect and analyze all audit trail system / event logs and associate it with other information security show pictures really about something unusual and potentially threaten security happening.

It know that security standards are widely implemented and practiced as PCI DSS puts the elements in their cores as a way to maintain the security of the system and verifies that key processes such as Change Management be observed.

Summary Anti-virus technology is an integral and important line of defense for any organization . However, it is important that the limitations and weaknesses of this technology as an additional layer of security is understood and implemented to compensate. File Integrity Monitoring and Event Log analysis is a perfect partner for Anti-Virus system to provide complete security against modern malware threats.