Input and Output Device Why Are So Important in Information Technology

To use the computer, we need to have some way to enter data into computer for use in the calculations. There is a wide range of input devices, and we will mention only the most common type used. Input device that you as a manager are most likely to be used is a micro keyboard and mouse. In computing, the device is usually called in the first stage. In modern days, these devices are slowly starting replaced a few more smart devices, capable of entering our teaching interaction with someone or even terminal voices.

A is a simple device with a PC, but is designed strictly for input / output and does not include the processor (CPU), or at least not a general purpose processor. This terminal is connected to the computer through some sort of telecommunications lines. Most of the terminal consists of a keyboard for data entry and monitor to show what the user enters and to display the output of the computer. Terminals are widely used by scholars personnel involved in the process of online transactions. Specific types of terminals are also used extensively as a computer input device. Terminal Point-of-sale is used in large retail stores, and automated teller machine (ATM) is common in the banking industry. As previously described in the standard terminal, the device serves as both a special purpose input and output devices, usually includes a small built-in printer to provide a hard copy record transaction.

Voice input for computer input is another option, although the accuracy of speech recognition software still less than perfect, with the best package achieve recognition accuracy in the range of 95-99 percent. With the figure, the voice recognition software is improving productivity tool for users with limited ability to type, disability, repetitive stress injury from overusing computer keyboard, or no time to do anything Besides commands (such as doctors). Different input methods to read the original documents (such as reports typed or check or deposit) directly to the computer’s memory. Check the processing of handling this way in the United States by (MICR) Magnetic ink character recognition input method. Check the bank account information was printed using this type of code numbers and special magnetic ink. After the check cashed at any bank, bank records the number of cashed checks with magnetic ink at the bottom of a check. Magnetic ink character reader is a type of computer device that magnetizes the ink with an understanding of numbers. It is also responsible for the transmission of banking data to database records.