How to Promote Your Articles on Social Sites

You took the time to write an article or post and put it in your blog. This article is so god once you put it out there you get crazy traffic. So much traffic to the server or hosting company is able to so bombarded with requests that would crash. Which of course you wake up and find yourself in bed with alarm clock going off.

My fellow online entrepreneurs we all would love to have an insane amount of traffic coming to your blog or website Just by dropping a post or article on your blog or website. To get traffic requires patience, constant updates and plenty of reading to keep up with what is happening on the internet. I have read many articles and posts from many places to talk about getting traffic to my blog. By simply typing in the search bar on Google for “How do I get traffic to my website” and the results would be in the millions. So much information to numb your brain, trust me I went through it like you do now. I was so confused with everything that I am reading through the information lord.

Then I began to see that most blogs talk about getting traffic to all say the same thing. I found very few who actually have valuable information. So I thought I’d give you my take on how I can get a referral traffic First let’s go through some of the things you need to know before we proceed: Promoting Your Articles: Article not their themselves can get traffic. You need to add your articles to article directories article now. Put your articles on sites like this can get your articles seen and also provide a decent page rank. I always sent my article here because I love them and they have a high page rank. Of course I could use someone else out there but these directories more easily and make your traffic.

Also other things better when writing your articles always try to have a few key words in it so I can read what your article is about. This helps the spider knows where to put you on their list. You can use Google they have a free keyword tool can use.

What is Social Networking? I’m going to write this as a common man the power of Social Networking is a great way to get your articles seen and read that you do this by adding your articles or posts on social media sites like face book, MySpace etc.

Once site users find your article or post and they read it and what they want to read it click the “Like” if you are on face book or Click on the link and go read your article on your website bring traffic to your blog or website.

Benefits Social Networks: Benefits of using social networking If your articles are good you’ll start getting referral traffic from social sites. This will alert the search engines and will send a spider to see your article would have an article pointing to your blog or website. At the time of referral traffic may come a time like this happens to me. I was bombarded with referral traffic so that it does not work to help get your site by Google or other popular search ranking engines.

Top Social Sites: The above is a social site where you can Add your article. This site has thousands if not millions of people visit them every day. This is where you need to focus on starting to build traffic. Although there may be organic traffic but it’s better than nothing! As you see it is a way for you to promote your articles and get some referral traffic. From here you can find other ways to get traffic. If it works for me is actually working for you. You just have to keep reading and learning. If you are interested in seeing my site and read more about how to get traffic and services I use to get them.