Common Link Between Burma-Shave road signs and Internet Marketing Today

Burma-Shave. A replay of the past are still in vogue (with some changes in technology) 2013.What internet marketing industry is a common thread between Internet Marketing and Burma-Shave? Now let’s explore and see what we see. I’m thinking about my family to travel as children and find something that I think is worth mentioning. Traveling California from the Midwest today will most likely be done in the last airplane.

Years in 1950 by 60 families from my family made a trip to the Midwest with car. I look forward to the trip because they are always an adventure. My sister and I saw a tee pee motel style, giant dinosaurs, drive-in theaters, the Grand Canyon, painted desert, and other national treasures when we are traveling Route 66. We also see miles and miles of nothing … except for Burma-Shave ads signs. Now days if there is a family car trip children may be consumed by video games and DVDs. Being an internet marketer Burma-Shave sign stands out in my mind today as one of the largest. marketing strategy off-time (1925-1963) For those too young to know about Burma – Shave signs: they are simply the signs stretches across the side of a country road shows rhyming message. Message started in 1925 as a message tone on their products, shaving cream Burma. As the years went by they are presented with humor and rhymes road safety messages. One of the jingle: His chariot Raced 80 per They raised away What had Ben Her.

Burma Shavei find a website (fiftiesweb) with weather information covering the signs, music, western and more. The website tells us that in 1925 Allan Odell, the son of the owner of Burma-Shave pitched the idea that his father was not crazy about the plan, but gave her $ 200 to give it a try. Burma-Shave sales soared and Allan and his brother, Leonard is put up signs everywhere. At the height of their popularity there were 7,000 signs across America. The signs are there between where you read the sign first, and then the next, then try to predict the punch-line of five numbers, and then Burma shave ago. They are part of our family adventures trips.

The Burma-Shave signs is a great marketing strategy at that time. And this concept is being used by someone else since then. I hope the signs “seeds” are planted throughout the Americas, such as advertisements, and other content are sown on the internet today (SEO, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc.). The more “seed” the greater the harvest. “Seed” can now reach millions and millions of people around the world. What equivalent to deploy content across the Internet today? We can only speculate.

Allan and Leonard began a brilliant marketing strategy, one that will take time to put into place. Time element is now light years away from what it was in 1925 but the placement, consistency, discipline and perseverance are still in place and could have won the game for us.