What is the Best Ad Size to Use?

It is important to know the size of the best advertising for your website because it is an important way to increase your CTR and optimize your profits. Along with knowing what the best ad size, it is also important to realize the optimal placement of the ads on your website. One also has to think about what is not good to use as users tend to ignore the size of the older ad that will lead to lower CTR. However, there is no one answer that works for every Web page but there are some common ad sizes suggestions.

Certain useful that perform better as the size of 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600. To an extent, some-Standard and the so-called standard IAB sizes 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600 all fall under. The newer and less common tend to perform better and have higher click-throughs. Inline rectangle size (300×250) or 160×600 wide skyscraper size performs well with the size of 300×250 perform very well. Inline rectangle size is larger size and large size tend to perform better and wider format because it is more reader friendly. Wider formats tend to perform better than higher format because they allow users to obtain information about the “unit of thought” by a lot of words at a glance. Wider size allows users to get more comfortable with the words and not have to skip the line every few words and go to the next line when reading how you need a narrower ads. Although some ads perform better, it is important to consider the size of the corresponding ad webpage.

When you consider what size is best for your ad, it is also important to consider the application. If an ad is in a terrible place, in the right size is not going to do much. One of the optimal placement of the ad placement above the fold, near the top of the web page for ads that appear on the first web page that receives the most money per click. Also, ads are placed near rich content areas tend to perform well. That said, each the size usually has a specific area of the web page, for example, leaderboard (728×90) is likely to be placed near the top of the web page (above the fold) and skyscrapers often on the right side near the top page.

There or between multiple ad sizes can ignore more than others. Users tend to use the older, automatically ignore and not even see it. Webmaster and use the internet for years actually ad-blind, therefore they are used for multiple ad sizes do not even see why that’s a non-standard dimensions are optimal. 468×80 banner size like around since the Internet was born, even people who barely use the internet can be blind to ads.

There single solution may not be optimal in terms of ad sizes and placements But there are some suggestions that can increase your CTR and ad revenue . Size 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600 tend to perform higher, especially when considering the optimal placement. Placement is an important partner in the size of the ad in terms of getting a higher click through. Along with knowing what the size of the ad is the best, we have to know what size ad do the worst and most likely to be ignored by the user. More Money If you want to advise you on the best size ads to your site, please contact us here.