What is Software Testing and Why Being a Software Quality Assurance Tester?

What is software quality assurance (QA) testing? In short, it is the process of finding software problems. Why is this a big deal? Software now mostly everything and computers everywhere – from homes to small businesses to large enterprises and government agencies. Software also enables mission-critical applications such as medical equipment, spacecraft, and nuclear power plants. And though the software is easy enough for anyone to use, the software itself will continue to get more complex. Microsoft Windows operating system has more than 100 million lines of source code programming. So finding these problems before customers or users computer that runs between them is not only important (from a business standpoint), but it could save someone’s life if medical CAT scanner or aircraft navigation system .So why do this as a career? Some reasons to become a professional QA software testing: start working on cool computer software systems – from small businesses to large enterprises.

It is fun to find a software problem – challenges like puzzle

Good career: high pay ($ $ $) and are always in demand

Flexible – can work either as an employee or contractor / consultant

What knowledge and skills required to start? Really all it takes to get started is a basic computer skills: comfortable with operating systems such as MS Windows or Mac OSX, understand how to create, save, print, and manipulate files on the computer, and know what browser, web address, and internet personality are.

There side ‘s also the people who make great software QA tester – detail-oriented, skeptical, and visitors should try to find a software problem. You should be able to see the software and see not only what to do – but what NOT to do! Aircraft should not be flown upside down when they cross the equator (true story from the early days of military aircraft) or medical scanner hospital patients should not be fried by x-ray (another story right from the old days). Although seemingly minor issues such as round-off error in a bank account in the system software could be worth millions (another true story). But if you have basic computer skills, personalities to find the problem, and the desire to learn and advance your career – you can be very successful as a professional software QA tester.

So what is the difference between testing and QA? Read on … Testing

Testing involves the actual process of finding problems (or defects as they are called) in the software itself. Typically, you write a test plan document describes the evaluation process, activities, strategies, resources, schedule, and overall plan for use in the evaluation process. Once the document has been developed to describe the actual test (test cases) that will run – sometimes hundreds or even thousands of experiments. After you take the test via e-execute your tests and others developed, report any defects (or bugs as they are called in the industry), and submit a report describing the status of your progress.QA (Quality Assurance) Finding and reporting of defects is the main activity, but is not the only activity. In a real software organizations, there are plenty of activities and processes that take place to get high-quality software products out the door. The “life cycle” of software includes: market development and / or user requirements (software what to do What problems need to solve?)

Software design (what features, functions, and architecture will necessarily have to meet the requirements?)

Writing software programming code (there are a lot of programming languages and software to choose from)

Testing software programming code (the focus of this program!)

Packaging, release, and deployment of software products

Post-release customer / user support (should fix the problems that customers or users find and re-released a new version of the software) While most of your time is spent in an organization for software testing, QA tester software professionals also participate in various activities throughout the life cycle – to help ensure a successful release and high-quality products into the hands of customers. You can check the documents required for the “testability” to ensure that the proposed software is easy to try (can not do your job well how difficult test – Rights can evaluate the software design for the same factors Ensuring “change of control” the right one is very important -. activities.

Many organizations and many other software with software quality assurance group – or groups of staff work with software QA QA tester if it where not only will test the software, but to contribute to the activities and processes in throughout the software lifecycle’s probably the longest in the world sense, but it is important to know the difference between QA and testing and how they relate to each other. I hope this gives you some idea of what software testing and QA. Cheers!, Steve Laats (StellarLogic LLC)