Staging Area Computer Programs

Many times we want to software engineer peered in the window what the status of the product in computer code. For example, if the article in question is a blouse, at the end of the computer, an engineer may want to try the software to ensure that he is allowed to update the status. After all, he did write a program to process the booking, delivery and acceptance of each outfit for a certain department store used his programming services.

Let’s tell our software engineers are a typical man named Mike. His boss, a man named Cesar wants to know where the various points in the journey embarks blouse from the store and ending inventory in the customer’s home, what the status of it. Mike has a particular programming style in which he sustained the status of entries / values ​​in a certain memory space.In other words through the internet, customers are able to access the program dress an order he wants and at the same time, behind the scenes-manager to access the program both to complete a status report for each particular garment system.

When people talk about front- end code related to the main part of the code, meaning they have access to the basic software software program to achieve product. Relating to the back-end code in the same body as the primary code (exactly the same) for tracking inventory and evaluation purposes. For example, let’s make a memory area 0x20f60 our staging memory address. We will only start with a list of the status of the label options. These include: the color of clothing: clothing Size: Quantity clothing is concerned, Buyer Name, Address Buyers, clothes Price. Given the starting six parameters, Cesar, boss Mike will choose one to analyze the status of one of them.

He will have a pull-down menu titled Parameter Status. Then, each of the six parameters pops up in the drop-down menu and then choosing one of them, Cesar gets status in particular parameters. For example, if you choose her dress color, refund status can be read purple. To dress size, the return status can be X-large. Mystery of programming each word is presented in memory status 0x20f60 area, which makes it easier to add more parameters to each style of programming with memory point. This exclusively for the stage status value is not only convenient for our software engineer Mike, but also useful behind the scenes to design back-end code for our superintendent Cesar.