Google+: The New Boss in the World SEO

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about whether Google is really capable of changing the face of SEO as predicted by experts. There are still parts of people who are not prepared to take risks, but prefer to play the waiting game, citing reasons such as Google+ is used by only a niche of people. However, if you look at the current situation objectively, it becomes clear that Google+ has made its presence felt in the world of SEO and are here to stay.

The method of managing online marketing strategies have undergone major changes lately. A legitimate business will not be successful and look forward to doing it on the basis of the brand. It requires a human face. Age anonymity clear business over. The only way in which the credibility and trust can be built around the brand by being transparent, which is determined by the natural seamlessly. Quite Google+, the social network has the greatest impact of search engine optimization. Facebook can be proud of a greater share of the market, but you have to remember that most of the algorithm for the search engine in the world is not written by them, it is done by Google, because if we do not know who was in charge.

Let we try now to decode why and how Google+ will become the boss of SEO is currently considered come. Google Google+ content as other pages on the web. Not only that, the index so it will get better page rank and appear in search results. Since 2/3rd search in the United States occurred on Google, it’s always better if you can also use this platform to index your content and make searchable.

Posts make Google+ the ability to stay around for a long period of time. You can also expect to find more than one year post at the top of the SERPs. It can not be said about your typical hard earned fourteen minutes of life. This is a great advantage of SEO perspective. A high visual profile provided by the author Google+ in search results. Upon verification of your Google+ profile done on sites that publish regularly, your image will appear next to search results, thus attracting greater visual attention. As stated earlier, the human face lends credibility to the post or site.

Moreover, use Google writer is closely related to the authority of the content. This is because the content is usually given strong higher profile in Google search results. If compelling content posted by a writer, which is then distributed to receive a new one added, is likely to produce a higher power. With each passing day, it becomes more and more obvious that the performance of searches and the power can be increased by authorship.

Google + Google+ social network can be said to be an exciting and growing ecosystem of embedded largest search engine in the world. Then to ignore or underestimate the importance can not be a very meaningful thing to do. In fact, if used effectively, can open up new possibilities for your business. While the relationship between the site and their human owners become more apparent and visible, the impact of Google+ on SEO can be expected to grow manifold.