5 Ways In Which You Can characterized Excel Training Program

There are at least 5 ways in which we can go about categorizing Excel training program. We will soon see the ways in which we can go about categorizing Excel training program. Under each criteria by which training programs can be categorized, we will look at some of the resultant categories.

Without preface, it appears that some of the ways in which Excel training program will be categorized: Training Model : This is where we get the category that training programs run by the traditional classroom model. Then we have another category is that the training program is run online. Into two main categories, may still recommend have several subcategories. They include (in the case of programs run under the traditional model of classroom) People Excel training program that is part of a broader computer / IT courses, and they are offered as stand-alone training program.

Cost: This is where, for example, can have a training program that can be accessed for free on the one hand, and those that can only be accessed with the other costs. Again, we can have subcategories, such as where, in connection with a program that can only be accessed with the cost, we end up with a program which is considered as a low-cost program, others are considered a mid-cost programs, and so on are considered as the high cost of the program.

Instructions: This is where we have, for example, some programs where teaching is conducted through face-to-face interactions between learners and instructors. Then we have others where instruction is in the mail, as well as traditional correspondence courses. On another level, we can have another person in which the teaching is through a web-based e-learning … and so on.

Content: Based on these criteria, we end up with some Excel training program which is considered as the main program. Then we have other people who are considered as intermediate program. On another level, we have other people who, based on their content, is considered as an advanced program.

Structure: This is where we have some Excel training program was organized well, and others that are not organized. Most of the programs offered by the traditional classroom model tend to follow a strict syllabus, and the like are considered as structured programs. On the other hand, some programs are offered online is not structured (in the sense that there really is no strict syllabus followed in the implementation of the program).