Know How To Get Your App Approved iPhone App Store?

Make an application for the iPhone has never been easier. Developers are always lurking fear that their application can take cut into the App Store. No matter how many good ideas unless you are properly applied you will face rejection. So you need to have knowledge about iPhone SDK and implementing software kit inappropriate at this stage of development. Given the difficult restrictions and guidelines set by Apple approved applications can get very frustrating at times. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid in order to not make the approval process smooth.

Don ‘Bend Rules You have to really work in accordance with the rules of the App Store Review and the Human Interface Guidelines set by Apple. Standard specifies the guidelines offer a better user experience on your application and also decreases the chances that your application will be rejected because of the design. Even if you see it looks stupid rules you have to follow them as Apple has the last word when it comes to the application store.

Simplicity Is the Way to Go

One a common mistake that many developers make in designing a application that makes it complex. It often occurs outside of the ego to showcase their talents. The fact that users of such applications easier to use and therefore should stick to the basics and do not try the frills are not necessary. If your application requires some repairs you can always add them in the next version based on market demand as the initial approval of the peak definitely the toughest for you to climb.

Test It

Really once generated an application you need to try it with gusto. A large number of applications in the App Store will soon be rejected because they have technical problems. In most cases this is the result of carelessness on the part of developers. Perhaps as little as error the wrong version number and your application can stand rejected. The fact is you are able to even funny error. There are a number of simulators and other tools that allows you to test your application and you should use it. The latest version of Xcode has its specific Fix-It features one of the tools we recommend.

Don not Hide the Truth or Making False Claim While writing descriptions never hid the fact of the application and a list of all the features and functionality of the app has. Even deliberately controlling information may lead to rejection of the application by Apple. Having said refrain from making false claims regarding the applications or talk about the features that you intend to offer the next version of it will result in rejection of your items application. Keeping With this in mind and follow them while developing your application for the iPhone increases your chances of success in meeting the standards set by the Apple App Store.