Mechanisms of On-Line Search

We all want to be seen on the internet but reading too many manual SEO can cause serious traders lose. Search Engine, is important because it does not itself generate search. Developed by finding searches by ‘process’ is designed to meet their specific needs. Analyze the search process has more to offer than conventional SEO Optimization.

It worth doing ‘process of learning’ a bit to understand the search process. Seeking, consciously or unconsciously, going through ‘design spiral’ from the point of relative ignorance and become an expert because he progresses. At every stage of the process a different combination of keywords used, and the combination of current intensions can find deduced. It just to ‘buy’ the last stage you are interested in having your site stand out in every search

.Let’s thinking young woman thinking about holidays officials in Malaysia and went on to Google. We use the simple technique of ‘Evaluation Process’ to get us to answer a process that followed the decision followed the process of ‘Malaysia’ etc. Google Keyword etc. Process 1 680 000 000 hitsShe can learn almost anything you want He’ll ever need to know about Malaysia and more, the climate, the history, the people, geography. She even offer vacation, but with 680 million hits your site is very unlikely to appear in the first 100 pages you can search finance.

Decision Previous 1 Go? No – Let analysisYes – More hitsNow 65million process ‘Tourism Malaysia’ Google Keyword 2Process 2 he will find the resort, landscape, and longer vacations and now you have only 10% of the original site to compete with, but still quite a bit of 65million. And what is he really doing here, trying to figure out where to go and what to see? He probably will not buy at this stage, just a plan. Decision No 2 Go Ahead – Leave analysisYes – Go to Google Keyword 3 3Process process “Holidays to Penang” 8 Million hitsNow he gets down and detailed, he compare prices and equipment, doing what he can afford . Decision 3 Go Ahead there – Leave analysisYes – More process 4Process 4 Keywords ‘Economic Holidays in Penang’ 3.3million hitsOnly now is that he tends to buy and competitive search engine fell from 680-3300000 – more too many but only 0.4% of the whole point total.

So 1 in your choice of keywords is ‘fixed-term’, keyword is virtually useless unless you have a pile of money to spend on promoting people in any case not possible to conduct the actual business itself to finding stage at this time.