Compared to Skyscraper Banner Ad – A Difficult Choice

Skyscraper ads are a nuisance and take up too much space on the side menu of your site. The banners provide the best visual dynamics to your blog or website since it also rests on top of your site, or in the body of your post.

The problem skyscraper ads is that they draw attention away from your content. Another reason is that it makes your site appear like a shill site. In other words, a site that supports a particular opinion to promote the interests of other company.

The side bar should be provided for social media, or e-mail and newsletter subscriptions. Remember, content is king, no doubt looking for advertising with 70% discount badges striking red skyscraper. Banner blends well with your keywords and content to the matching color tone. You can also change the color, width, and length of the skyscraper ads if you want them to blend in better with your content, but I still, I felt banner is a good way away option.

A better to use the space where you would normally placing skyscraper will put tweeter plug-in instead. In this way the user can keep track of your updates. Then just below you can put a counter to see how many people visit your site the day-to-day basis.

In term profits, skyscrapers do not make a higher potential than the banner. Again, the banner can be placed not only at the top of your page, but each post. If you understand the basics of small programming should be no problem. One thing that users like myself hate is when all of a sudden we are tricked into clicking something we do not want to click, and just hit the back button to return to the page to read . It is annoying.

Also, skyscraper ads slow down your page load time. In fact, the small ads that use more current blog or website operates. We all want to make the most effective revenue stream getting clicks, but do it in a way that does not take away from the quality of your content. Many users do not just read your content if there are too many ads.

Again, banners can come in many different sizes, and can be squeezed into your posts so that they look more natural look. If your content on a mobile phone then make sure you fit with their ads.